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Unofficial Horror Movie A–Z: Triangle


Year: 2009
Runtime: 1h 39m
Rated: R

Director: Christopher Smith

Writer: Christopher Smith

Stars: Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor

Double Feature Fodder:
Looper (2012)

Initial: Some days are not great days and so I’m a little behind on my A–Z. I also got to my movie list and was not in the mood for my “T” selection at all. After some looking around I decided to rewatch Triangle. The first time I watched it was during my period of watching movies while doing other things. How I still managed to understand this movie while not entirely paying attention, I’ll never know.

Production Notes: Set in Miami, Florida, but was filmed in Queensland, Australia.

What Did I Think:
While I remembered a lot about Triangle, I had mostly forgotten about the beginning and the end—the parts that aren’t on the boat and not in the trailer. In other words, I’d forgotten about the parts that matter. Being land-side for a third of the movie, doesn’t take away from its claustrophobic feel.

The time loop/limbo aspect of Triangle is not explained and only mostly comes together at the end of the movie. While there are a few slasher-level scares early on, the horror really comes from Jess’s realizations about what is going on and her struggle to fix things. The plot is ambitious and full of foreshadowing, which I missed in my first watch. It’s a fairly successful story without being perfect.


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