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Cinema Saturday, 5/7/22

Since my Horror A–Z, I’ve been taking a break from movies. I kept up with Winning Time during April, and added Tokyo Vice (a recommendation from my husband) and Under the Banner of Heaven this week.

I did try to watch The Batman (2022). I got maybe halfway through its nearly three hour runtime. Aside from a nearly unrecognizable Colin Farrell as the Penguin, there wasn’t much about this movie that I liked. Matt Reeves’ Gotham felt like a copy of a copy of Blade Runner‘s Los Angeles. Voice-overs are always a hard sell to me, but it felt like all the exposition could have easily been shown. The Riddler’s puzzles felt like low-rent Saw set pieces. The whole movie just felt like other movies to me. This is a Batman who is more of a detective, which is nice, but that made me wish it were a gritty noir movie without Batman. Pattinson’s Batman is painfully emo. The dirge-like score does not help.