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Monday Miscellanea, 5/30/22

20 Books of Summer

A stack of books and a ceramic owl.

I’m kicking off 20 Books of Summer today, instead of Wednesday (June 1st). I’m a Monday-to-Sunday kind of person *and* I just finished In Cold Blood last night, so it makes sense to me to start today and set my end date as Sunday, August 28th. Besides, we’ve already had nine days of 100+F. It’s summer. I’m starting with On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers.

Ultimate Frisbee

Our first summer league games are in the books. My Wednesday team is 2-0 and the Thursday team is 0-1.

I read last week about the explosion of ultimate frisbee in China as a “fashion sport.” Basically, if you’re young in Beijing and wish to be seen, in fashionable sporty clothing, you go play ultimate. Teams even have photographers to give participants Instagramable moments. On one hand, it’s good that people are getting exposed to ultimate and are getting out and being active. On the other, I’m so glad that wasn’t the scene here when I started playing. Because I wouldn’t have started playing and that would have been a great detriment to me. Ultimate is such a part of keeping myself healthy that I don’t know what I’d be doing without it.


An EverQuest2 character. A wood elf in armor.

Eric and I took a bit of a Norrathian vacation last week. EverQuest2 launched a new time-locked expansion server and we decided to spend some time leveling characters. Okay, Eric levels characters; I putter along and do a bad job of keeping up.

This is Folly Skipperdoo, 26th level Mystic/26th level Carpenter.

Goal Check-In

Writing & Entangled Tomes

  • No word on “Colors of the Sea.”
  • Still working on “Untitled Ghost Story.”

Shelf Maintenance

  • 13/25 on my Beat the Backlog.
  • It’s been 111 days since I last acquired a book.