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Monday Miscellanea, 8/1/22


cover: Infinity Dreams by Glen Hirshberg
cover: The Book of the Omaha, edited by Paul A. Olson

I switched books early last week. I had been reading On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates, but after Oates got into an internet discussion that she probably should have stayed out of, I didn’t feel like giving her much of my attention. I’ll read On Boxing eventually, but not right now.

Instead, I started Infinity Dreams by one of my favorite authors, Glen Hirshberg. I should have finished it by today, but I still have 10% left. Review probably tomorrow. Next, I think I’ll read The Book of the Omaha, edited by Paul Olson. (Which, I find, is available through UNL’s Digital Commons.) Or, I might completely sabotage the rest of 20 Books of Summer and start a reread of Moby Dick. August is my November of the soul.

Deal Me In, Week 30

6♠️: “Bodies” by Chisom Umeh (link)
Great story of waking and dreaming (or maybe waking and waking) from Nigerian author, Chisom Umeh.

Shelf Maintenance

  • Beat the Backlog: 17/25 read.
  • I realized that Infinity Dreams wasn’t in my LibraryThing, so who knows how many unread books I actually own!
  • It’s been 46 days since I acquired a book.


Writing Check-In

  • “Colors of the Sea” is up to #28 in the submission queue. I had considered pulling it because I thought a different market was opening in August, but it is not, so “Colors” stays where it is.
  • No word on “The Logical Sight” and no queue to check.
  • I took the rest of July off, but today I have to decide what project to work on next.