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Monday Miscellanea, 12/5/22

Read & Reading

Cover: Aliens: Vasquez by V. Castro

Had some bad reading luck last week: two DNFs!

Aliens: Vasquez by V. Castro did not work out for me. I DNFed at about the 20% mark. A problem I have with Aliens (the 1986 movie) and some other connected media I’ve read is that it can be culturally and semi-technologically stuck in 1986. For example, there is a quip in the movie, “Somebody said ‘alien;’ (Vasquez) thought they said ‘illegal alien’ and signed up.” But why would that necessarily still be a joke over a 150 years from today (much less the nearly 200 year from its writing)? Aliens: Vasquez sort of leans into that. Characters listen to “oldies” like Bruce Springsteen. They have cell phones at least, but again, what will we have in 150 years? Also, from what I’ve read from other reviews, the remaining 80% of the book is about Janette Vasquez’s kids. Which isn’t quite what I signed up for.

Christmas by Accident by Cameron Wright didn’t last very long for me either. Maybe I was in a grumpy mood after Vasquez, but so many little things really annoyed me about this book. So I moved on . . .

To more Aliens fiction! Yes, I had Aliens: Bug Hunt, edited by Jonathan Maberry on hold at the library and it came available just after I gave up on Vasquez. I’m about five stories into this anthology and I’ve had fewer setting problems.

Short Fiction

“On Snowflake-veined Wings” by Chip Houser – Few stories leave me with such vivid images. I have two words for you: enhanced allergies.

Deal Me In, Week 48: 10♦️
“Sand” by Jasmin Kirkbride – I don’t know what I think about this story. On one hand, I hate opaque allegories (which this is not); on the other hand, I’m not sure what I think of very overt metaphors.

Ultimate Frisbee

This is our last week of fall league. My team is currently in second place with two regular season games left (Tuesday and Thursday). Hopefully, fields dry out enough by tomorrow. We had a nice couple of days of rain over the weekend. Finals are on Saturday. We should have a first round bye, so I’ll be playing 1–3 games. Unfortunately, finals are the same day as tryouts for the women’s pro team and many teams are going to be short-handed on the woman-matching side.

Webmaster-wise, I don’t have all the information for finals, which is also only slightly stressing me out. Stuff for New Year Fest seems mostly settled. Haven’t heard anything about winter league. I wouldn’t mind if winter league didn’t happen. Eric and I don’t play because injuries are so much higher when it’s cold, and sign-ups for it over the last couple of years have been lack-luster. I breather before spring league wouldn’t be bad.


I’ve started on draft #2 of my NaNoWriMo project. I plan on working on that through December.

No new rejections on my short works, but I think going to submit one of my flash pieces to another market. Where it’s at allows simultaneous submission and we’re past the average response time.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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