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Classics Club Spin #32

I plan on working on my Classics Club list again. On the 14th, I’ll have two years and 34 books left after purposefully taking 2022 off. I was burnt out on reading from lists and just wanted to read “free-range.”

Since I’m coming up on the three year anniversary of the list, now is a great time for a CCSpin:

  • Pick twenty books that youโ€™ve got left to read from your Classics Club List.
  • Post that list, numbered 1-20, on your blog before Sunday, December 11th.
  • Weโ€™ll announce a number from 1-20.
  • Read that book by 29th January, 2023.

Here’s my list:

  1. Le Morte D’Arthur by Thomas Malory
  2. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
  3. Shakespeare’s Sonnets by William Shakespeare
  4. The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Ward Radcliffe
  5. The Monk by M. G. Lewis
  6. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
  7. The Mummy! by Jane Webb Loudon
  8. The Queen’s Necklace by Alexandre Dumas
  9. Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawethorne
  10. Piazza Tales by Herman Melville
  11. Curious, if True Strange Tales by Elizabeth Gaskell
  12. Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  13. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
  14. The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective by Catherine Louisa Pirkis
  15. In Ghostly Japan by Lafcadio Hearn
  16. Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things by Lafcadio Hearn
  17. The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
  18. Three John Silence Stories by Algernon Blackwood
  19. Carnacki the Ghost Finder by William Hope Hodgson
  20. Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle

I believe all of these qualify for Beat the Backlog too, a personal challenge I’ll renew in 2023.