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Short Story Round-Up, 3/26/23

Deal Me In, wk 10
10♠️ “Call Center Blues” by Carrie Cuinn – Between the recent news and my own writings, my world has been full on AIs and androids. And here a story from 2014 adds a little fuel to those fires. From Cuinn’s Women and Other Constructs.

Deal Me In, wk 11
11♦️ “Left Foot, Right” by Nalo Hopkinson – I feel like this story might be relying on bit of folklore that I’m not familiar with. I spent half of “Left Foot, Right” rather confused; I stuck with it because it’s a short story and the pay-off was . . . fine. From Monstrous Affections, ed. by Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link

Other Stories

“Viral” by Chelsea Pumpkins – A story that unfolds in the manner you probably expect. Stomach-churningly.

“Mishpokhe and Ash” by Sydney Rossman-Reich – Golem? Robot? Potato. Potato. Speculative fiction set against the backdrop of anti-Jewish laws in Poland during WWII.

You must be good, Golem. There is so little good left in the world.

“Silicon Hearts” by Adrian Tchaikovsky – In real life, short fiction markets are getting slammed by spammy AI-generated submissions. In “Silicon Hearts,” the markets have definitely changed.