Katherine Nabity

Writer/publisher. Married, no children. Three computer, one-vehicle household. Living with RA. You can learn more about my writing career at Entangled Continua.

Hobbies include the study of magic/illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, ultimate frisbee, reading, and blogging. Unfortunate, occasional addiction to Minecraft.

Posts that tell a bit about me:

Simple Tricks & Nonsense

Around November of 2021, I decided to once again gently “rebrand” this blog. I’ve never been a book blogger, really. I also don’t talk about my career (I have one?) for this to be an author blog. I want this to be an online place that I enjoy adding to; a place for noting events and rambling about stuff.

Review Policy

Update 01/04/2020

I’m stepping away from reviewing ARCs and will no longer be accepting review requests.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. How would you like to be able to review a book galley prior to publication? If you write a review the publisher might be able to print your review in the book.

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