Mini Reviews ~ Two Classics

  Love and Mr. Lewisham by H. G. Wells Young, impoverished and ambitious, science student Mr Lewisham is locked in a struggle to further himself through academic achievement. But when his former sweetheart, Ethel Henderson, re-enters his life his strictly regimented existence is thrown into chaos by the resurgence of old passion. Driven by overwhelming … Continue reading Mini Reviews ~ Two Classics

Spring into Horror Wrap-Up & Mini Reviews

April was a for me. Or maybe, rather, I was a little off in April. I didn't get going on Camp NaNoWriMo and my reading was kind of here and there. Even Dewey's Readathon was sort of flat. On the horror front, I only read one thing on my initial TBR: Clive Barker's The … Continue reading Spring into Horror Wrap-Up & Mini Reviews

Review ~ A Song for Quiet

A Song for Quiet by Cassandra Khaw Deacon James is a rambling bluesman straight from Georgia, a black man with troubles that he can't escape, and music that won't let him go. On a train to Arkham, he meets trouble — visions of nightmares, gaping mouths and grasping tendrils, and a madman who calls himself … Continue reading Review ~ A Song for Quiet

Review ~ The Valley of Fear

The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle A coded warning sends Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to a country retreat, where they follow a perplexing trail of clues to unmask a murderer — and to break the stranglehold of a terrorist cult. (via Goodreads) Why was I interested in this book? Doyle's Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading Review ~ The Valley of Fear

Mini Reviews, Vol. 12

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E. T. A. Hoffmann E. T. A. Hoffmann wrote some weird stuff. This is his most well-known work (written in 1816), though most people are more familiar with the ballet than the original story. The ballet smooths out some of the weird, like the seven-headed rat king, to … Continue reading Mini Reviews, Vol. 12

Mini Reviews, Vol. 11

Baker Street By-Ways by James Edward Holroyd I found this slim paperback at Book Vault, out in Mesa. I didn't realize that Otto Penzler, whom I know as an editor of mystery anthologies, had put together a collection of Sherlockania in the mid-90s. I'd be interested in other volumes even though this one was a … Continue reading Mini Reviews, Vol. 11

Review ~ Cabal

Cabal by Clive Barker Cabal is the story of Boone, a tortured soul haunted by the conviction that he has committed atrocious crimes. In a necropolis in the wilds of Canada, he seeks refuge and finds the last great creatures of the world - the shape-shifters known as the Nightbreed. They are possessed of unearthly … Continue reading Review ~ Cabal