FrightFall & RIPXV Freebie: “The Chess-Player”

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When searching for short stories for my Uncanny Valley anthology, I came across this gem. It was too long, too Gothic, and had too little actual automaton content to make the anthology cut, but I still wanted to format it and share it.

It was towards the close of a dark, heavy, and sombre autumn day that I, together with the messenger who had summoned me, arrived in sight of the house in which my services as a physician were required. It stood on the further shore of a black and silent lake, round which the solitary glades and mountain passes extended for many miles without other sign of human habitation.

“The Chess-Player” was originally published, as far as I can tell in Temple Bar magazine in 1885, sadly without attribution. I left all the original spellings and punctuation intact. May Author Unknown’s work continue to entertain!

(Pst: You don’t have to be participating in FrightFall or RIPXV to download and enjoy!)