Deal Me In 2019

I believe this will be my fifth year doing Deal Me In. I didn’t post as much in 2018, certainly not every week, but I’m hoping I’ll have more to say about 2019’s stories. “But, Katherine,” I hear you ask, “what is Deal Me In?”

Deal Me In is a reading challenge hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis. The details (simplified):

What is the goal of the challenge?
To read 52 short stories in 2019
What is the purpose?
To have FUN and to be exposed to new authors and stories and maybe get in the habit of reading a short story a week. Isn’t that enough?
What do I need?
1) Access to at least fifty-two short stories
2) A deck of cards
3) An average of perhaps as little as just thirty minutes of reading time each week
How do I pick which stories to read?
The 52 stories themselves are totally up to you. Before you get started reading, come up with a roster of fifty-two stories (you can use any source) and assign each one to a playing card in a standard deck of cards. … Each “week,” (if you’re like me, you may occasionally fall a story or two behind – that’s okay) you draw a card at random from your deck and that is the story you will read.

Jay has short story resources and a couple suggested modifications to the challenge at his signup post.

What am I reading?

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous
New Traditions in Terror
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: More Stories Not for the Nervous

I’m going to read through two old Alfred Hitchcock presents anthologies (Stories NOT for the Nervous and More Stories Not for the Nervous), short stories from my 2017 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction subscription, and a few stories from New Traditions in Terror, a now old-ish anthology edited by Bill Purcell. There are authors I’m familiar with as well as quite a few who are absolutely new me.

Hearts – The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Ace – “In a Wide Sky, Hidden” by William Ledbetter
2 – WILD
3 – “A Dog’s Story” by Gardner Dozois
4 – “An Obstruction to Delivery” by Sean Adams
5 – “An Unearned Death” by Marissa Lingen
6 – “Evil Opposite” by Naomi Kritzer
7 – “We Are Born” by Dare Segun Falowo
8 – “Tasting Notes on the Varietals of the Southern Coast” by Gwendolyn Clare
9 – “The Care of House Plants” by Jeremy Minton
10 – “On Highway 18” by Rebecca Campbell
Jack – “Hollywood Squid” by Oliver Buckram
Queen – “Still Tomorrow’s Going to Be Another Working Day” by Amy Griswold
King – “Bodythoughts” by Rahul Kanakia

Clubs – Alfred Hitchcock’s Stories Not For The Nervous

Ace – “To the Future” by Ray Bradbury
2 – WILD
3 – “The Man with Copper Fingers” by Dorothy L. Sayers
4 – “Levitation” by Joseph Payne Brennan
5 – “Miss Winters and the Wind” by Christine Noble Govan
6 – “The Dog Died First” by Bruno Fischer
7 – “The Twenty Friends of William Shaw” by Raymond E. Banks
8 – “The Other Hangman” by John Dickson Carr
9 – “Dune Roller” by Julian May
10 – “No Bath for the Browns” by Margot Bennett
Jack – “The Uninvited” by Michael Gilbert
Queen – “The Substance of Martyrs” by William Sambrot
King – “Don’t Look Behind You” by Fredric Brown

Diamonds – The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and New Traditions in Terror

Ace – “Riddle” by Lisa Mason
2 – WILD
3 – “The Two-Choice Foxtrot of Chapham County” by Tina Connolly
4 – “Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick
5 – “Big Girl” by Meg Elison
6 – “By the Red Giant’s Light” by Larry Niven
7 – “Marley and Marley” by J. R. Dawson
8 – “Afraid of the Water” by Robynn Clairday
9 – “Cry of the Red Wolf” by Ken Goldman
10 – “Cargo” by Sean Logan
Jack – “SQ 389” by David W. Hill
Queen – “Thus Do the Undead Soothe Their Dreams” by Gene-Michael Higney
King – “Hooked” by Mike Oakwood

Spades – Alfred Hitchcock’s More Stories Not For The Nervous and New Traditions in Terror

Ace – “Room with a View” by Hal Dresner
2 – WILD
3 – “Lemmings” by Richard Matheson
4 – “White Goddess” by Margaret St. Clair
5 – “Call for Help” by Robert Arthur
6 – “View from the Terrace” by Mike Marmer
7 – “Something Short of Murder” by Henry Slesar
8 – “The Golden Girl” by Ellis Peters
9 – “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes” by Margaret St. Clair
10 – “Walking Alone” by Miriam Allen deFord
Jack – “For All the Rude People” by Jack Ritchie
Queen – “Dark Corners” by Michael Arruda
King – “A Few Misspoken Words” by Jason Brannon