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Is it time to go home now?

To Nude, or Not To Nude

I’m sure there would be quite an uproar if his nudity was shown on a public station,

This assumes that people actually watch PBS.

Had dinner last night a Culver’s. According to my mother, dinner went well. I beg to differ…
The food was fairly tasty. I wish I would have had room to try their frozen custard.

Off to see Hellboy II in a while.

Wish I could pop home for a day or two to recharge my social batteries.

How It’s Going

We still have over a week left to our trip and I’m already tired.

Hung out with my family on Thursday.  Everyone was well-behaved, though I guess my mom and brother had a fight Saturday morning and currently are not talking to each other.  I’ll have more to say on that issue when I sort out my thoughts on the matter.

Friday, I stayed at the Nabity’s.  Chad, Michelle, and the nieces and nephews were coming over for dinner, and I think I missed them entirely the lat time we were here.  During the afternoon, I worked on some VOTS stuff and engaged in some Facebook silliness.  Seeing Lauren & Gwen, Ben & Aidan was good.  They’re such well behaved kids.  Lauren’s 13 and the rest are well below double digit ages, so she was happy to see her Uncle Eric.  He took her to a movie Saturday and we plan on taking her out to dinner at some point during the week.

Saturday, Tania came up from Lincoln and we had lunch, shopping, and coffee.  I’m not sure I’ve seen Tania in ten years.  We sort of lost touch after I headed to AZ, but Facebook has offered an easier way to communicate.  It was really great seeing her.  Just like old times despite the intervening near-decade.

Yesterday, we went out and played disc.  Ultimate time in Omaha is about 50% later than ultimate time other places, but once they got going they had quite a crowd.  Good to see that my favorite sport is thriving here.  Didn’t hurt that the weather was gorgeous.  Cool, and less humidity than usual.  I wish I had camera.  Memorial Park is really a lovely place to play.  My play was average.  They play a real poachy, cloggy game here.  I managed a couple of decent swings and scored on a guy that poached way the hell off me.  Silly boy.

After, I headed over to my parents.  On Thursday, I mentioned to my mom that I’d like to get my hair done.  She has a lady that she’s been going to for a while.  Since the stylist, Vickie, works Sundays, Mom decided to call for an appointment when I showed up.  Vickie had an opening at 5pm, so we decided to jump on it.  So, sooner than I expected, I have a new do.  They (Mom and Vickie) also talked my into getting my eyebrows groomed.  Sadly, it makes quite a bit of difference.  Luckily, the cut and waxing was pretty cheap.  Vickie gave me the address of where I can go when I get back to AZ.  ‘Course, the cut probably looked its best yesterday, when it had the proper product in it.  We’ll see how it fares after I wash it and do nothing to it today.

Well, I better get my run in.  I’ve dropped a minute and a half off my “hilly route” time, so I should probably try doubling it today.  Or not.  I’m sort of tired.   Tonight, dinner out with my family, including Eric.  And my brother.  I hate awkward family drama.

New blog post over at EntangledContinua.  Today’s topic: the economy.

Played some disc this morning.  Had a nice turnout despite the hour.  The weather was still pretty hot.  I could not catch a dam thing in the endzone and my back got pretty bad about halfway through.

Not much else to say.  I’m in a substantially lazy mood though I’ve set a goal to have a certain group of changes done by Friday night.

Oh, we did try a new restaurant.
Restaurant #8: Cheeburger Cheeburger

I’d heard some good things about Cheeburger Cheeburger.  The somewhat inane name was outweighed by a good selection of burger toppings, but in the end, I was underwhelmed.  The meat was pretty plain, fried without any seasoning.  I had cheddar-jack, bbq sauce and roasted green chilis, and while the combination was tasty it was overwhelmed by the bland burger and the bready bun.  They just don’t stand up to Chuckbox or Ted’s.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Heh. Figures. During one of our walks, Eric and I determined that we’re fairly bohemian in our lifestyle. Which means not very respectable by 1930 standards. Probably not very respectable by 00 standards either, but tough-kitty-toenails to convention.

I’m rather looking forward to downloading Firefox 3.  That puts me in a category of subgeek that would gather funny looks from normal people and sneers from educated geeks.  *shrug*

Went back to work on Model Species yesterday.  Trying to keep up with some reading and artistic stuff as well.  I haven’t drawn in a while and it was good to do so today.  Unfortunately, as far as the visual arts are concerned, my vision usually exceeds my abilities.  With a sketch done, I haven’t decided whether I want to fiddle with paints and pastels or scan it and fiddle with it in GIMP.  Probably will scan it, then ruin it with paints.

Book #9 – Enemy Mine (and The Talman and essays) by Barry B. Longyear

This is a reread.  Well, at least I think it is.  I’m pretty sure I read Enemy Mine back in high school or thereabouts.  But I don’t remember it being what I finished reading this morning.  It could be that my memories of the movie are overriding the book, or it could be that, since this version of Enemy Mine is a “director’s cut”, it is substantially changed and isn’t much like what I read before.  Probably a combination of all three factors. 

Anyway, since I’ve been contemplating religion within the Weordan world, I figured I’d take a look at how Longyear had done it in Enemy Mine.  As a bonus, the copy of EM I have is included in a weighty omnibus that includes two other novels set in the same universe, some essays by Longyear, and what he had worked out for the Drac’s holy book, the Talman.  Did I learn much?  Mmm…  I learned that Longyear is very much a writer of his time.  The Drac’s are us, really, not something entirely alien.  That’s okay.  The populations of Weordan are us too, only not very alien at all.  But what Longyear does with the religion sort of preempts the Drac culture.  It comes first, not the other way around which it how religions seem to me.  When I consider writing the myths and holy anecdotes of Weordan, I find it hard not to ask why such a story might have come about.  What was there first that created the myth?  If I appropriate my “Egyptian” girl into Weordan, what does that say about the history of the world?  How many worm cans do I open if I make that part of the world’s mytho-history?

I still maintain that anyone who thinks world building is fun isn’t doing it right…

Finished rewriting the Decazzi scene. Not sure if it’s good enough, but maybe Eric will have some ideas to make it better.

Anyway, some stuff:

Watched Stardust the other night. It was…okay. I can see why it’s being compared to The Princess Bride. It has the same post-modern take on fairy tales, giving the genre a more adult slant. But it doesn’t do as good a job in my opinion. It’s humor isn’t as acute. Oh, it has some moments, but it isn’t as satisfying. The ending is way too happy and tied up. Even in Princess Bride, Prince Humperdinck is left alive and shamed. That ending leaves something just a little bittersweet behind. If I were thirteen, it would probably be in my top five movies. As an adult, I wanted a more complexity in my characters and situations.

Restaurant #7:
Had dinner tonight at D’Arcy McGee’s. It was…okay.  I had the shepard’s pie.  It was tasty enough, though had nothing special aside from being serves with a nice side of steamed veggies.  It would be the perfect dish for a cold, rainy day.  Too bad there’s only about 20 of them a year around here.  Eric had the fish and chips and felt about the same.  Good, but nothing special.  His fries were outstanding; I had a couple cold and they were better than many I’ve had.  The most pleasant surprise was that they serve Kiltlifter and that it is on special on Wednesdays.

Quickie of the Night

So, I’m watching Darkness Falls while working, courtesy my brother who gave me a pile of DVDs he no longer wanted. ‘Cause trust me, I would never have invested in this movie. The most obvious question is: when survival is dependent on staying in the light, why don’t these characters turn on the dome light when driving in a car? Didn’t the writers know how bright and annoying those things are? The end song by Vixtrola is pretty good though.

Also ice cream reviews continue! Tonight I had Ben and Jerry’s Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler which is described on the carton as Peach Ice Cream with Cinnamon-Sugar Shortbread Pieces and Peach Swirl. And for once, B&J gets it mostly right. The ice cream was decent with a light peach flavor. The peach swirl is mostly peaches with a only a small amount of peachy-syrup stuff nearby. It is quite peachy, but the shortbread bits break it up with a salty cinnamon-graham cracker taste. My only criticism is that there could be a few more and smaller bits of shortbread. But hey, for once B&J didn’t overload their ice cream!

Now back to work with me…

The Weekend

Had dinner at Anne’s on Saturday night in honor of Hailey’s birthday. Drank too much beer, ate too much food. Got slightly sunburnt while sitting near the pool. Talked to Jim about stuff including Phoenix landing on Sunday. He gave it about a 90% of landing without incident. I’m sure he was a pretty happy camper on Sunday.

Sunday. Goofed off. Started up EverQuest 2 accounts again. Watched The Lookout. Not a bad movie. I’m not sure if they did a great job with the character’s mental disabilities, but it was passable. Jeff Daniel’s is great in it and I was really fun watching Deputy Donut kicking some butt. It was pretty much exactly as I expected it would be.

Today, I was really intending to work. And then didn’t. Got bit by the EQ2 bug and the laziness bug.  I could do a little work this evening, but I’ll probably just catch up on the goof-off stuff I’m behind on.

Ran today, but probably pushed a block too much.  My knees have been unhappy.  I think I need new shoes.

Ice Cream #10 – Haagen-Dazs Green Tea Ice Cream
I really hoped that this would taste like a Thai ice tea. I could imagine that it might. You know, green tea, sugar, cream. It was possible. But it is not the reality. I suppose this ice cream tastes like green tea, not I couldn’t find it. Eric could, but he agrees with me, there’s some other taste that just doesn’t work. My brain says avocado but that’s only because it is the color of guacamole.  I added cinnamon, and it helped, but not enough.  Sadly, this is an ice cream that I won’t be eating any more of.

And that ends my 10 ice cream list for the 1001 challenge.  As with the candy goal, I wanted to do this to try new things instead of eating the same old thing.  My favorite of the bunch?  Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter, which is surprising since I generally go for vanilla bases.