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Not very Flashy and also Slow

I’ve come to the conclusion that for me balance in life is not obtainable. Oh, overall everything probably evens out, but on any given day/week/month the scale might be weighted toward writing or socializing or VOTS stuff to the exclusion of most other things.

For example, my good intentions of writing flash fiction every week and posting it for #FridayFlash or on Fictionaut weren’t worth very much. But, hey, failure in the past doesn’t guarantee failure (or success) in the future. Therefore, here is my semi-regular "where am I on the web today" roundup:

  • Finished posting part I of Pas de Chat on Sunday. Part II is much shorter.
  • Posted "Orange Box" at Fictionaut. It’s a piece that didn’t make the cut for 52|250. I also have an EtherPad version if you’re interested in seeing all my typos as I write. The piece is a little autobiographical based on many Saturday afternoon excursions to Sutherlands with my grandpa.

Need to do a ton of writing to avoid bologna sandwiches. I didn’t get much done yesterday because I’m a putz (who probably deserves bologna sandwiches) and I seem to have it in my head that I can’t write while the sun is up. Or something like that. League took up my "prime" writing hours of 8-10pm. We lost. My play was pretty decent and involved some smooth H-stack play.

Tomorrow, I run the Skirt Chaser 5K again. I doubt that I’ll beat last year’s time since I’m not even beating last year’s non-race times. I’ve set up a 31 minute playlist that should get me through it in a semi-respectable manner.

Ran three miles in 25:36, which is an 8.5 min/mile.  Had a bit of the entrail / extrail thing going on during the second half, but…8.5 min/mile!  Otherwise, my body felt good.  My back feels better currently than it has all week, though my sinuses have chosen post-run to drain.  I can breathe through my nose for once, but I feel like there’s a snake slithering down the back of my throat.

Directly contrasting:
Candy #7 – Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans

I’m a Nerds fan.  I have been since the cool double boxes appeared on the scene in grade school.  Ingenious.  A candy that you could eat a little of at a time from it’s own box.  And it was fairly tasty too, in that pure sugar kind of way.  I will admit that as an adult, my palate has become much more sophisticated.  I’ve turned from the double box to Nerd rope and any of the holiday flavors that involve fruit punch Nerds.

Generally, I like jelly beans.  Not love, just like.  The weakness of most jelly beans, in my opinion, is the low-grade sugar coating.  Jelly Belly sidesteps this by using much less coating, therefore sacrificing the sugary crunchiness.  What a conundrum!  So jelly beans covered with tart Nerd coating are nearly perfect.  There’s five colors/flavors: grape, orange, lemon, green apple and strawberry.  The flavor of the coating is strong, with a very mild flavor to the jelly bean inside.  My only complaint is that there is a bumpy Nerd component to the coating that makes some of them much less sour than other.  The coating also separates from the bean pretty easily so they’re best when chewed quickly.

But I’m definitely picking up a few bags of these after Easter.

*** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** ** ***
Oscars tonight.  Which means brownie baking today.  Yes, I have more tradition surrounding the Oscars than I do most holidays.  Which is to say, not much, but some.  We have made our bets.  A double bet in fact.  I have chosen No Country for Old Men and Daniel Day-Lewis and Eric has chosen There Will Be Blood and Johnny Depp, though looking at the trends Michael Clayton should will.

At about 4:30 I started feeling restless.  In that need-to-get-out-of-the-apartment kind of way.  So I decided to go for a run.  It’s good, I guess, that running is becoming compulsory again.

Regarding Couch to 5K

I started the program because I had gotten out of a running routine.  Every time I went out running “like I used to,” I felt like my entrails were going to soon become my extrails.  The first three or four weeks were easy.  In fact, the running portions of them became sort of like weenie interval training for me.  I’d run like hell for three minutes knowing that I’d have a period of walking to recover.  Not exactly the spirit of the program, but it was working for me.  My entrails stayed where they were.  When the periods of running became longer, that obviously doesn’t work as well.  Yet, the periods of running (five to eight minutes in week five) just weren’t long enough for me to get a comfortable pace going.  I wasn’t looking forward to running on those days.  Therefore, I’m modifying the rest of the program. 

First, no more brisk 5 minute walk.  It’s not doing anything for me.
The rest of week 6: Continue running my 2.7 mile route.  I’ve been doing this at an 9 min/mile.
Week 7: 3 mile route
Week 8: 3.5 mile route
Week 9: 4 mile route
Hopefully, maintaining my 9 min/mile pace.  If anything, I have gotten faster since starting Couch to 5K.  Maybe in a few months, I’ll do the first few weeks again to see if my pace gets better. 

Did not sleep well last night.

Went for a run/shopping trip/walk this afternoon. I thought that I may have run a mile in less than nine minutes, but no, I was right there at nine. But it seemed like a lot less effort them I’ve been putting into my Couch to 5K routines.

Came home and caught up on housework. There’s still stuff that needs to be taken to the thrift store, but there is no more random cardboard in my living room.  The kitchen is a different story.  When planning on when to send Mom’s birthday card, I forgot about MLK Day.

The Morgan and Coke with dinner may have been a mistake because now I feel pretty tired and Eric still expects to get some work out of me on the new gaming world.

Quote of the day:
Your body is made of 100% cells.
Found while doing some Gamma World research.

I need to go run.  I know this.  Getting up and doing it is a completely different thing.  It is, of course, raining.  Proving that I should have gone running yesterday.  I could go to the community center and use a treadmill.  I just wonder how busy it will be with all of the New Year resoluters.

Would like to go to the library too.  And crap, I need to get my bus tickets changed over.

Man, Eric doesn’t go back to school for another week!  That does give us some reprieve on being productive before classes start.  We’re thinking about putting Weordan aside for a few months and working on Veer Continum, the game system Eric is formulating.  Chris is pretty excited about it and it would be nice to have it in a playable shape before he hits the states again.  Makes me want to watch post-apocalyptic movies.  Too bad I haven’t heard many good things about I Am Legend.

Tonight, I should be DMing.  I should have ran today too, but I’ve been pretty lazy.     All I wanted today was to stay in, and I have aside from the walk Eric and I just took.  I’m going to restart week three of Couch to 5K as penance.  My hands, feet and shoulders have been aching today, but that didn’t really kick in until about 3pm.  The weather has been cloudy and cool.

Reading from Jan. 5 & 6

If it’s summer and hot, the only place I can find to run is in the sun.  If it’s winter and cold, the only place I can find to run is the shade…

Yesterday, after disc, the subject of timed miles came up.  Kristen, a visitor, said that ultimate had knocked her mile time down to 8:30.  Dave was surprised to hear that my mile time is 10:00.  ‘Course I never really run just one mile, and Couch to 5K has shown that I’m no faster jogging the entire time than I am walking and jogging.  Today, I planned my Couch to 5K run to end up at CVS, which is about a mile from my apartment.  I came away from CVS empty-handed, so I decided to run back as well.  And decided to time it and be a tad bit aggressive without being completely gassed at the end.  I clocked 9:01.  I’ll have to see if that improves in the future.  It should be noted that, even after playing disc for five years, when I started running in earnest in July 2006, I had closer to a 20:00 mile…

Okay, I’ve got to get a few things done.  And maybe wake Eric up.