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Generation B – Generation B – Doc, Give Me New Knees –

Which made me think about ultimate. One of the things I liked about ultimate frisbee from the beginning is the wide range of people that play, including a wide age group. Looking at registration for league this season, the youngest player is 16; the oldest is 57. The average player is  around 31, with men almost a year older and women a little over two years younger. The team that Eric and I picked is 33.8 (men 36.5 and women 27.8). Just sort of interesting, I thought.

While on the subject of numbers, Eric recently had asked me a while back how many rejection letters Lucinda at the Window had racked up. Since I had a few honest paper-and-envelope rejection letters for Pas de Chat to file, I pulled Lucinda’s file as well. And the grand total is: 34. Thus far Pas de Chat has collected 20 in less time.

Tried sake yesterday.  I was surprised at how much it tasted like wine.  A very crisp, clean white wine.  Not bad, really.  Unfortunately, it disagreed with me in a way similar to wine, making me tired, cotton-headed, and disagreeable with an upset stomach.

Today, I need to get back to work on Fuel Eaters after a week of digression.  And tonight’s the first night of league.  Always exciting!

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Alcohol, Writing & Science. That ’bout sums me up on any day.

A movie edition of OMM: Taking a look at Tarsem’s magical The Fall.


What did people do without the internet? For example I wanted to know:
WikiAnswers – How much ground cloves equals 1 whole clove
Presto, there’s the answer. And I needed to know because I’m trying out a hot buttered rum recipe. Characters in the Weordan books drink at every opportunity and have good reason for doing so. Alas, only I have experience in a small number of beers and vodkas. I need to broaden my alcoholic palette. I tried ouzo a while back which I’ve decided I rather like it as long as it’s cold and watered down. Maybe I should add a task to my list: Try 50 alcoholic beverages. Purely as a research exercise, of course.

Hot buttered rum? Eh. It’s hot. There’s rum. The butter aspect leaves my lips feeling moisturized, which I suppose if you’re drinking it on a cold winter night isn’t a bad effect.

Oh! Something I never got around to trying on Halloween week league night. Coconut rum and beer. I have a theory that, while coconut rum may not improve a beverage, it does not make a beverage worse. Since I conveniently have a Bud Lite that was left in my cooler after league finals, this is the perfect time to further test the theory. …And it’s…not bad. Fruity and malty. Better than Bud alone. It will be interesting to see where it will fall on the morning-after-effects scale.


Finished the first pass of edits yesterday. Now my editor will put it together, read it, decide that I still use too many theres, looks, somewhats, anys and actuallys, and send it back to me to be fixed a last time. (Oh.  There was a bit of anxiety upon writing that…)  The past week made me feel alternatingly like I improved as a writer as the book went on and that I am a hopeless n00b at the whole author thing.

I worked on and off since Monday of last week, and today feels like a Saturday. Sunday at the latest. And there’s no Wednesday disc tomorrow to ground me. Really, this whole month has felt off-kilter. It was that late Thanksgiving screwing everything up. Suddenly, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I managed to get gifts sent to people by sheer application of schedule. To make matters worse, we had Christmas with Mark & Co. on Saturday, so no help there at remembering what day it is.


Distorted Body Images: A Quick and Easy Way to Reduce Pain: Scientific American:

they measured the swelling of the fingers induced by the movements, and compared it with the unaffected hand. Sure enough, there was more inflammation following the movements when the participants saw a magnified view of their hands

I read a little about this previous to this article, but I didn’t realize that inflamation had been increased. That’s actual physiological reaction. Huh, I wonder what the results would be if the hand was hidden from sight. Or if the slight floaty sensation of intoxication would have any effect…though it’s not visual input.  I know my arthritic joints, any of them, fell better when I’ve had a beer.
[Edit: Didn’t realize that this article was written my the author of Neurophilosophy blog, one of my favorites.]

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Clue’ to sexes’ pain difference:

The Georgia State team found that, in the rat brain, females had a lower level of mu-opioid receptors in this part of the brain, suggesting that the potential potency of morphine is much reduced.

Additional tests suggested that the response to morphine varied depending on which part of the menstrual cycle the female rat was in.

“What this research is trying to do is understand the hormonal influences on pain in women.

Okay, I’m following that there are sex-based physiological differences. How are hormones affecting this? They can’t remove receptors, physically, from the nerve, right? Do the hormones have some blocking aspect, or do they up the sensitivity in other pain-receptive nerves? This study, as presented in this article, doesn’t address that.