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So, we lost on Thursday.  Our season is done.  We were missing Tom and Eric Iverson.  They had Al and Gretchen, both in good form.  Their whole team played well and had some lucky breaks.  Al told me afterward that was the best they’ve played all league.  We had the worst game of our season.  On a personal level, that’s what bums me out the most.  I had had good season.  Until that game.  Gretchen scored on me three times.  I threw the first turnover of the game.  The season felt short too.  We had two games rained out and no plans for a good VOTS party.  I’ll probably go watch finals for both days, but that’s a week away.  And I’m down to one game of disc a week…

The ants may be gone.  Didn’t see any late last night or this morning.

Haven’t posted much lately.  I’m busy trying to get through this round of rewrites.  Yes, I’d like to move forward a bit, but it bugs me to have things wrong.  Especially when it’s whole scenes that need changing.  Frustrating, tiring.  And PMS finally hit me hard yesterday.  Just don’t feel like writing or socializing or doing much of anything.  Worn out, really.

Disc-wise, Cutting Can Be An Art finished out the regular season in second place.  That puts in an okay position for quarters.  We’ll probably be playing Gretchen’s team.  I hate playing Gretchen.  But we’ll see.  We destroyed them last time, but they didn’t have Al for most of the game.

There’s a bunch of things have come up that I’d like to comment on, but haven’t had the time…

Wired has an interesting article about using web-based apps.  I’ve always used browser-based email, Yahoo.  I’m not sure why I wouldn’t.  And I’ve just started using Google doc to share  stuff when we’re gaming long distance.  I’ve been pretty happy with it, though Google’s spreadsheet seems anemic.  That’s coming from me, not the world’s most savvy spreadsheet user.  I also, recently, started using Bloglines and del.icio.us.  Why?  Yahoo’s “My Yahoo” doesn’t do a very good job of feed subscription, and using their flash-y email as a reader is slow and annoying.  I decided to start using del.icio.us because I’ve been going back and forth between this computer and the laptop.  It’s nice to have all my bookmarks in one place.  It occurs to me that all the things I use “web-apps” for are web related things.  How often is Yahoo having problems?  Or Bloglines?  Or Google?  A lot less than my cable internet has problems.  And that’s the bottle neck for me with switching to all Google, all the time.  Why would I when I can use Word and Excel when my internet is down?

Only played one game last night.  It started raining about halfway through the first one, and everyone was cold and very wet by the time the second one was supposed to begin.  Our score was a 7-3 after one hour and 45 minutes.  Played chaser during the second to last point and I never wanted to make a D so badly.  If I would have thought laying out would have done it, I might have.  Only got my hand on one pass, but it was already in Pete’s grasp.  Did get a finger on one of Nicole’s discs earlier in the night though.  I remembered to take my Ibuprofen early today so I’m not feeling too badly now.

Cleaned up the muddy mess from last night.  Updated VOTS stuff.  Time to work, I suppose, though of course, I’d rather just read.

I need to find my Traveling Wilburys  CDs.  It seems they haven’t been ripped on to my harddrive.

I’m stressed and therefore experiencing insomnia.

Eric and I are reevaluating what the emotional content of every scene I’ve written for Divine Fire and deciding whether the scenes live up to the criteria.  Much rewriting needs to be done, and I’m over-whelmed.  I really need to get some work done today, even though my every urge is to avoid work and read.

Disc double-header tonight.  We get to play two of the tougher teams.  Should be exhausting and fun.  Showers and winds are predicted, but I wouldn’t bet on it happening.  If anything, the weather here rarely lives up to the prediction.  I was catching everything yesterday.  I usually don’t experience that until later in PMS.

Awake early due to too much beer and not enough water after disc last night.

Game went well last night.  We won handily, though we let up a bit in the second half.  In all, decent playing.  During our pre-game drill, I took a disc to the face.  It hit right below my right eye.  Eye-height seems to be a particularly difficult height to catch at.  I basically reached up to catch it, two-handed pancake  style, and completely missed it.  My cheek has bruised up, and will probably darken more as it heals because it’s quite sore.  I’ll just be happy that it was Jee who threw the disc and not Tom.  That could have been really painful.

Thinking about going to the library today.  Not that I couldn’t stand to do a few things around the apartment, but I have books due and it might be nice to go out.  Or not.

Work’s going fairly well, for the moment.  I’m working my way through scenes, pumping up the language, cleaning up some plot bits.  I should get Joanne out to some agents.  I made a list of possibles, but I need to do more research.  Just a…daunting task.

The new episode of Doctor Who is 22 shades of awesome.

Also, disc one of Hustle is heading my way, finally.

Work is…work.  I’m in that top-of-the-month flurry.

I’m so terrible at social stuff…  I got a message from one of my female team members expressing some unhappiness, and I really don’t know what to do or say.  I’ve had two season of disc when I was quite unhappy.  One was completely, utterly my attitude that made it so.  That was En Fuego.  I had got it into my head that I was a pretty good player, and therefore, I could not accept any mistake I made.  The fact of the matter is that I was not a good player.  I was less that two years into playing the sport (any sport) and I was slower than I am now, and my hands fairly sucked.  My expectations for myself far exceeded my abilities.  I spent the season very disappointed.  Somehow, I got out of that mind frame.  I don’t remember how, but after that my love for playing grew into the obsession it is today.  The other time I was unhappy, and it was an earlier team than En Fuego, was the team’s fault.  The top end of the team were good competitive players that had played together some.  I and at least one other player felt that we were pretty much not needed.  I don’t recall getting called off the field or limited in play or looked off more than usual, but the attitude was there.  I hope that we’re not that kind of team.  But…  I know this player might feel somewhat slighted, though probably not with good reason.  I just wish I could download the stuff I’ve figured out about playing and give it to her.  Not technical stuff, but the sort of wisdom stuff, like, it’s hard to throw to girls, so work hard at getting open and even then, you might not get the disc and really, honestly, there’s nothing to be learned by playing against someone who is so much better than you that she’s going to make you look silly.  Just be able to tell her without it sounding patronizing or condescending.  I just want to let her know that everyone started out as a newbie and it will get  better and we really do want her playing with us.


Time to get some dinner together.

We won last night.  Yay!  Had the whole team minus two.  Started out with terrible drops.  Then the wind picked up.  After being down by one or two for most of the game, we finally tied it up at 8-8.  And then just scored the rest out to 14-8.  The wind proves just how much my handling still sucks.

My mom called.  My grandma was back in the hospital.  ‘Course, no one told *me*.  The graft didn’t hold well and needed a quick fix.  Nothing serious, but she thinks I don’t care because I haven’t called.  ‘Cause no one *told* me.  Yes, I should probably call more often anyway.  But I don’t call people.  I don’t email people either.  Kind of a hermit, ya see.

The tips of my fingers hurt…

And I need caffeine.