We lost our game last night.  We only had one sub, total, leaving us women savage and the men nearly so.  If we would have had even one more person, we would have had no problem.  So today, once again, I’m feeling completely wiped out.  I haven’t done laundry or dishes or anything.  At the same  time I’m restless.  I was thinking about going somewhere this afternoon, but it seemed like too much effort.  I probably would have felt better if I had done something.  *shrug*  The day has been way too hot.  It’s currently 96 degrees which isn’t really bad, but somewhat uncomfortable.  Feeling hungry, weepy, PMSy.  Lonely and not wanting to see any one, all at the same time.

Via the Shifted Librarian: Understanding the Importance of Exploring Virtual Worlds

Eric and I touched upon this Friday night. Well, not exactly this, but a similar topic. There might be more and more of these sites appearing, and an undeniable presence of avatars in “Web 2.0,” but how likely are people to really stick with these services? Looking at Star Wars Galaxies, a MMO with a strong social set up, I’ve found many player built buildings, shop, so forth that are obviously neglected. My closest delve into this sort of world is Neopets, and not only does my interest wan, but so does the interest of others. The people who started out four years ago building their neohomes end up getting interested in something else after a while. My something else has been work and various disc-connected things. But even those might change in five years. The question is: Are there lifetime hobbies, and if there are, can a virtual version of the real world fill that role?

We won our game Thursday.  More notably, it may have been the first time I played against Gretchen and didn’t get scored on by her.  Granted, she was forced to handle and had no one to throw to her, but that generally hasn’t stopped her in the past.

Writing has been going along at its usual pace.  Slow and, well, slow.  I did start a new way of looking at progress in addition to word count.

Gaming:  Skype is wearing on us.  It’s probably because my DMing style is slow and then when I’m ready to go on something, Skype drops Chris or he has to muster, or one or the other of us wants food.  After giving up yesterday, I’m not keen to try again today.  I’d rather tote my laptop back into the back room and DM Eberron instead.

I started a Bloglines account to keep better track of things I read on a regular basis.  MyYahoo isn’t as good of an aggregator.  I’ll probably cross-post to here.

Got a bit of writing done today.  Didn’t finish the scene I was working on by the time my afternoon drowsies set in, but made headway.

Preparing for disc now.  We’re playing against Gretchen’s team.  I must remember that playing against vastly superior players makes me a better player.  We’ll be missing Tom tonight and Duane might not be entirely up to it due to a track thing.  Dave’s still semi hurt though he figured that three ibuprophen and lots of Bengay will do wonders.  Can’t argue with that.  I’ve had a couple ibu myself.

So, sun worship could be a genetic thing…  It seems that the p53 gene allows for tanning, curbs tumors, and boosts the release of “feel good” chemicals.  That’s nice for those people with a p53 gene that works.  For many others who feel they should be tan and have a lack of p53, bad.  That wouldn’t be me.  I’m happily pale.   And for those of us who are of Irish decent (obviously a people without p53) and live in the desert, bad.  But what I really thought was funny about this article was the mental picture of tanning rats.  Does one shave a rat before one tans them?

Not a bad day, yesterday, though the first day of the month often is.

Didn’t get much in the way of chores done.  Instead it took me most of the day to get 900 words done on Divine Fire.  Also followed the editing instructions on the bounced AC article and resubmitted it.  It was turned down again, with the exact same criticisms.  *shrug*

First league game last night.  We were missing two of our new guys, one of them known to be fast, and Kelly.  Dave only played a few points after pulling a hamstring on Wednesday.  Nonetheless, we won.  We out handled Sam’s team and out ran them too.  I spent most of the evening chasing Karen around.  My legs are still tired.  Made a few mistakes.  I’ll be more aware of dropping back after a long reception now, certainly.  On the good side, I threw a score!  Woot.

We had a kitten wandering around yesterday.  I petted her and gave some food, and she spent the afternoon mewing or sleeping outside my door.  She was gone when we got back from disc and I haven’t seen her since.  I wasn’t willing to take her to be an indoor cat, but maybe someone else did.

I’ve been having one of those days where I wasn’tt sure if I want a beer or an energy drink with lunch.  I went with the beer.  A good choice.

Saturday stretched on and on.  DMing Rifts over Skype…was…interesting.  The connection with Chris wasn’t grand so we spent a lot of time reconnecting him.  That didn’t bother me too much because I was able use the time to prepare.  Chris did get a little out of hand with his shifting character background.  He said he had fun all in all, but I can see that he might have been somewhat frustrated.  I might be DMing tonight.  Not a whole lot of idea what I’m going to do.  Maybe I will use that one adventure only with Madhaven mutants instead of demony-types.

Sunday was just over too quickly.  Got up, found an updated player list and captain groupings in my mailbox.  Eric and I fiddled around with possible draft choices most of the day.  Alas, though as expected, many of the women I had wanted to pick became captains.  Draft took up a large chunk of the evening, even though Keith was picking three and a half of them.   I think we ended up with a decent team.  Picked Tom again and Eric I. and  Andy & Jee.  And so Cutting Can Be An Art is born.

Today, I need run.  And run.  And continue teaching myself CSS.  And…