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Brace yourself while Corporate America tries to sell us its wretched things.

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Revisit the Nightmare Before Christmas’s Definitive Halloween Music – Associated Content

I’m really bad at promoting my work, or Eric’s work which is as important. It’s not a skill set that comes naturally to me.

Zooillogix : Horror Alert: Vampire Moths

Been very blah the last couple of days. Got a bit excited yesterday over my Halloween costume, but that was pretty much negated by a miserable disc performance. I threw another Callahan, for pity’s sake. Just sucked. Disc today was, in comparison, orders of magnitude better. I, in fact, threw the disc in directions I preferred. I must say, if I haven’t said this before, one of the most fun aspects of Wednesday discs is playing with people you know fairly well as players. It’s nice knowing what cut will be made next, and knowing that it will be cut that is useful, to an area I can throw to.  I love the feeling of “Yep, knew he was going to do that.”

Tonight, I have a pumpkin that needs carving and a story that needs revision. And first, a pizza to be eaten. Also contemplating doing something with pumpkin innards. It’s times like these that I really should channel my creativity into something less destructive than cooking.

Book #3 – Love Lyrics of Ancient Egypt translated Barbara Hughes Fowler

The second of my current ancient Egypt trend. Lovely poetry. Quite sexy. Makes me wonder about marriage and monogamy concepts in ancient Egypt. There’s obviously jealousy, and most of poems are about how the narrator of the poem wants their lover forever. Just a lack in my knowledge says, “Well, of course there was marriage…”

Second AC article of the year has been accepted and paid for. I’ve been saving promotion of the other one because of the timing. So, here they are:
Whatever Happened to Valentine’s Day Fun
Free Science Fiction Reads Online

Submitted my flash pieces, free wrote, did 700 words on Divine Fire.
Attempted to do laundry, but found that one washer was missing and the other was unhooked.  Need to call Chuck and Bonnie about that.
Went out to open play.  Played well, felt very good.
Didn’t sleep well, and currently my ear hurts.

I should probably get to work now, huh?

Still not feeling too spiffy.  Woke up at a quarter to 7 with a migrainal aura.  Two Excedrin clones took care of the actual headache, but now I just feel a little woozy.

Associated Content has published Great Geeky Podcasts.
And I don’t think I mentioned the previous article they published either: my review of Mary Roach’s Spook.
Yes, they pay a pittance, but it’s a pittance more than I had.  I’m going to try and do a few more articles as long as I have ideas for them, and the work doesn’t encroach upon Divine Fire.

I was going to post yesterday, really I was, but our internet connection crapped out last night. Okay, so it crapped out while I was playing EverQuest, but that’s beside the point…

Associated Content published a second article from me about Ultimate Disc.

Other than that, it’s been the usual stuff.  Went out and played disc last night, and played rather well.  Of course, it might just be pick-up syndrome inflating my ego.  My competition might not be playing as hard because it’s pick-up, while I’m playing as hard as I ever am.  Still, my throws have been pretty good.  I’ve managed to get ten people interested in playing today at noon.  I hope the ones who don’t want to play threes won’t be disappointed.

Five Favorite Writing/Publishing Blogs is up at Associated Content.  We’ll see if payment follows.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s raining today.  It’s lovely and kind of strange for a summer day.  An evening, yes, I’d believe that.  But daytime?  Naw.  I should go for a run, or do laundry.  Or hey, maybe write something.  Been thinking about Divine Fire and how it should be different from Trials of Fire.  Very different setting really, more like A Soldier’s Dowry really.  Religious.  Repressed?  Don’t know about that.  Poor, yes.  Caste conscious, yes.  But morally.  I don’t know, don’t know.  I don’t have a good framework, I feel.  And it’s Marie and Neltiar that

I’m hungry, but for nothing I have on hand.  Maybe I’ll make a pizza.

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