T is for Thrift

The majority of writers don't make much money from writing. The second biggest piece of advice given to fledgling writers is: Don't quit your day job. It's good advice, but not advice I've particularly taken. I haven't had a regular job in over a decade. Eric worked eight years in the semiconductor industry and then … Continue reading T is for Thrift

And S is for…

If Q was for queries and R was for rejections, then S is for sales!My first "sale" was the first story I ever submitted to the first market I sent it to. A ridiculous situation. This was way back in 1995, before good online resources. I had a 1995 copy of Writer's Market and I *used* that … Continue reading And S is for…

R is for Rejections

"Rejection slips are badges of honor.Purple hearts.They mean you've done your duty. You've written your stuff and sent it out.You've done your part.Show me a writer who doesn't have a stack of rejection slips and I'll show you an unpublished writer."~Richard Laymon, A Writer's TaleAfter rereading Laymon's chapter on rejections, there's not much that I … Continue reading R is for Rejections

RoW80 Update & Q is for…

RoW80 Update:My goal for April is the finish a 10% cut edit on Divine Fire. Since the manuscript in its current form is 413 pages, that broke down to getting through about 100 pages a week, or 20 pages a day. Strangely, I find the 10% cut to be the least arduous form of editing. … Continue reading RoW80 Update & Q is for…

P is for Pie

"My life's a shambles. I need pie." * I've spent the majority of the last ten years working as a full-time writer without pay or promise of pay. Indeed, most of the feedback I receive regarding my work is of the negative sort. I have no medical/dental benefits, no 401K. There's no home/office dichotomy. I can never … Continue reading P is for Pie

O is for Outline

Planner v. pantser. To outline, or to wing it. The eternal argument. Obviously, considering the title of this entry, I lean toward planning, if not necessarily outlining. Usually, our projects start with an idea. A concept. The stories themselves are character-driven, but we generally have a skeleton of what will happen and how a story … Continue reading O is for Outline

This Hermit’s Corner of the Internet

I've been in vaguely depressed extreme hermit mode for the last couple of day. It happens. I've fallen off the "A to Z" wagon. When I barely feel the drive to get real work done, blogging not only takes a backseat but gets left at the side of the road. Not to mention I get tired … Continue reading This Hermit’s Corner of the Internet