Goal achieved. Marie is now slightly over 90,000 words long. *big grin* I had a little chocolate to celebrate. I know I shouldn't use food as a reward, but NI! Well, I need to do a few things and then get ready for practice tonight. Eric wants to go for stress relief, but we might … Continue reading


I was in the shower and I had an epiphany about Marie. "Lightning has struck my brain!" "That must have hurt..." The novel should be in three parts with a prologue and epilogue. I've been trying to decide how to deal with the very different tones and POV throughout the book and what I need … Continue reading OMG OMG OMG

Preheating the roaster. Hmm... I think I'll do a dry rub to the roast, see if that works alright. *sigh* I gotta get on with writing. I just need to talk myself up a little first. I forgot I left Michael and Philip in the middle of a scene on Monday. Yesterday I finished up … Continue reading

Eric came home just in time for my to cry. Ug. We brainstormed a bit on my idea for Marie and now I'm feeling a little better. Took some shoddy notes on it. Turns out that Eric won't know if he's taking next week off until next week. I think I need a vacation more … Continue reading

Picture by Jonathan Bowser

Resisting the urge to MUD. Not wanting to write. (Big surprise) Need to get somethings set up for DMing tonight. I ended up re-writing a scene last night from the ground up. Added an element that, of course, will lead to more rewriting. Oh shit, I just thought of something. I am going so far … Continue reading Picture by Jonathan Bowser

Went to bed last night feeling like I had accomplished nothing this week. It's just been a draining week all around. DMing tonight. I actually have a idea of what I'm going to do, but it will take some work. I need to stay on task. The other goal I had for today was to … Continue reading

1200 words, not bad. I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the spar between Marie and Neltiar that I wrote. I'm wondering if Marie should win. Or at least maybe Neltiar shouldn't win as decisively. Anyway, my brain is to mushy to continue really. I'm hungry I think. Or tired. I'm not sure which. Actually I … Continue reading