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Goal achieved. Marie is now slightly over 90,000 words long. *big grin* I had a little chocolate to celebrate. I know I shouldn’t use food as a reward, but NI!

Well, I need to do a few things and then get ready for practice tonight. Eric wants to go for stress relief, but we might only go for an hour or so. That sounds just fine to me.

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I was in the shower and I had an epiphany about Marie.

“Lightning has struck my brain!”
“That must have hurt…”

The novel should be in three parts with a prologue and epilogue. I’ve been trying to decide how to deal with the very different tones and POV throughout the book and what I need is this structure!

The thief in the night.

Part One
Establishing Marie, Neltiar, how Neltiar is going to change the course of Marie’s life.

Part Two
Action I: The scouting (or maybe that’s in Part One), the raid, the aftermath.

Part Three
The second raid, unmaskings, Michael’s death, the aftermath.

Marie’s wedding.

And yes, I was in such a hurry to get this down, concrete, that I am sitting here in front of the computer in a towel, my glasses, and my wedding ring…

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Preheating the roaster. Hmm… I think I’ll do a dry rub to the roast, see if that works alright.


I gotta get on with writing. I just need to talk myself up a little first. I forgot I left Michael and Philip in the middle of a scene on Monday. Yesterday I finished up the scouting trip with Marie and Neltiar. I think I did a good job of wrapping somethings up and together. So today, finish that first scene. George came upon the scene but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with him. I think he’s Margaret’s future husband. He’s not the vilian though I’m sure Eric will think so. There needs to be more before they go off to clear out the temple, but what?

Must put roast in and then to work…

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Eric came home just in time for my to cry. Ug. We brainstormed a bit on my idea for Marie and now I’m feeling a little better. Took some shoddy notes on it. Turns out that Eric won’t know if he’s taking next week off until next week. I think I need a vacation more than he does. I was hoping it would serve as a good time to iron out some problems with this book. Okay, first I have to convince him that there is a problem and then get his brain working with solutions. He had to go back to work today in the middle of a good brainstorming session and ended up calling me from work to tell me about ideas he had during the drive back.

My brain feels fragmented. One part here, one part over there under the couch, another bit wedged up by the ceiling fan. I think I’ll go exercise and then take a nice shower. *Yay! The shower works!* Then come back and start again.

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Picture by Jonathan Bowser

Resisting the urge to MUD.
Not wanting to write. (Big surprise)
Need to get somethings set up for DMing tonight.

I ended up re-writing a scene last night from the ground up. Added an element that, of course, will lead to more rewriting. Oh shit, I just thought of something. I am going so far a field with this idea. What if the attacks on Lyon are partially planned from inside the city? It’s been something that has gone through my head for a while. This is major subplots-ville here and I think I like it. Michael uncovers it and later dies for it. It’s the bang I need for that third battle. Oh yes, oh yes, I think this might work. Hmm… Or maybe it’s just too cliche. I’ll run it by Eric later.

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Went to bed last night feeling like I had accomplished nothing this week. It’s just been a draining week all around.

DMing tonight. I actually have a idea of what I’m going to do, but it will take some work. I need to stay on task.

The other goal I had for today was to hit 7000 words for the week. That means I need 1600 for today. That will be rough considering I’m pretty much at the end of a chapter and haven’t given a lot of thought to what’s coming next. I know I’m going to need a bit of a scene as Neltiar and Marie head back to Havenstone. Neltiar needs to ‘fess up about manipulating people. Marie needs to reflect on what’s going on. And payment needs to be made. Does Neltiar know what the symbol is? No, it’s going to take him some time to figure it out. He’ll need to go back to Lyon. Neltiar needs to convince Lord Henry to stay put for a while. No problem, he’ll claim that he and his friend will have scouted. Also need to explain why they didn’t use the cloaks. I’m thinking the orcs have a bit of infrared sense, the cloaks wouldn’t have done much good. Gotta make sure I don’t flub that during the scouting portion.

Heh, sorry. Gotta a little carried away with the writing notes. And people who peruse my journal are saying to themselves, “What the hell is she talking about!?!”

The phase of the day is: Keep on Task.
Now for a shower…

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1200 words, not bad. I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the spar between Marie and Neltiar that I wrote. I’m wondering if Marie should win. Or at least maybe Neltiar shouldn’t win as decisively. Anyway, my brain is to mushy to continue really. I’m hungry I think. Or tired. I’m not sure which. Actually I feel a bit dizzy, a bit disjointed. I actually just said something to the TV and my voice sounded like someone elses. Yes, time to call it a night.