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Talking myself into it

Yes, this scene works better the way I had it. So all my writing on Wednesday was not for nothing. On page 13 of my rewrite. 44 more pages to go. I will consider it a good day if I finish it all today. Which I should, so Eric can read this weekend. He wanted to last night and I told him he already contributed enough for the week, thank you very much, hands off.

Head still wonky. Need to prepare for DMing tonight too. Blugga.

I just hit 40,000 words. And good lord I am no where in this book! (That’s a good thing when writing a novel I think. 🙂 ) And I’ll probably do more today. It’s not even 1:30 after all.

Unfortunately my chair just bit the dust. Not a surprise really. The poor thing is about 20 years and finally a third leg just gave out. It’s one of those old swiveling chairs that after the swivel part has four rought iron legs with wheels. Well two of the legs had given out and were duct taped back together. I have spent the last few months balancing precariously on the two good legs, but finally a third gave out. So I’m using the back-up chair from the gaming room which sits a good deal lower and bows in the middle. Maybe instead of buying a writable CD-ROM tonight, we should buy me a good office chair. Or both, not like we couldn’t afford both. I’m not sure which I want more. I do spend a good eight hours a day sitting at this ill-fitting desk with an ill-fitting chair…

Anyway, I think I will get back at it. I’m at 1400 words for the the day, let’s see how much further I can go!

Creeping up on 40,000 words on Marie. Ooo, it is getting rough. I’m going to need a break, me thinks. I feel myself spiraling to burn out. Need to run a few things by Eric tonight. I inserted a scene and I need to know if it works before I change other details throughout. Maybe I just need to take some time and really, really do some research. Either that or I need to ask Rodney how much he knows about France in the 1100s.

Chapter Nine in which Philip, our heroine’s eventual husband, comes to believe Marie has a suitor in Lyon. Also in which the many character flaws of Margaret are investigated and Henry is met.

That makes me want to go read A Room with a View. Okay, you can see that I am just really, really wanting to procrastinate today. Finished The Haunted yesterday and picked up Silverthorne again. I’m widdling down one of the stacks in my front room! It’s time to go to Bookman’s again and remedy that!

Okay, okay I’m going… Come on Herman. I really need your help today.

I’m awake I guess. I ended up being up until 3am MUDing. I hadn’t been on in quite a while and I gotta say I’m not pleased with the changes they’ve made since I’ve been gone. So my playing time will continue to go down unless Ingrid or Adnarel really want me to play and I’m not in the middle of something else.

Got a whopping 1800 words done yesterday! A personal record, I do believe. I’m not going to get near that today. I’m starting a new chapter and haven’t got a good clue on it yet. Eric read yesterday and offered a few suggestions about Neltiar. In all reality, Neltiar was his character, but I think he enjoys the liberties I’ve taken with him. I am going to change one thing, but not today. I don’t want to restructure today. Honestly I don’t wanna do any thing, just mull…

Hungry… I want breakfast food, but have none. If anything, I really should pump some coffee into my cold bod.

*hop, hop*

Finished the gap between Marie robbing the ropemaker’s and meeting Neltiar!

Okay, feeling slightly better, no idea why…

Had a good talk with Eric about Marie over the weekend. He eventually agreed that if I’m are going to use what we already have of the worked out plot for the first book (Marie ends up being somewhat near immortal by the end of what we’ve plotted so it might end up being a series of books…get that, here I am already planning a SERIES of books!), I’m going to have to more of a major climatic event. And thus the focus is shifting a little more away from Marie and will include the prespective of the guy she’s eventually going to marry. So WOO HOO! Problem kind of solved. I suppose I should go write now then, huh? Need to re-write a bit and put her eventual-husband in.