Watching a little tennis, reading a little web.NYT takes a look at snack packs.I don't do the snack pack thing. I'm cheap. I do okay portioning out snacks on my own, though honestly, those are foods I tend to avoid now-a-days. We don't do chips too often. It's nuts instead. The only cookies I eat … Continue reading

Finally, Wednesday disc occurred.  It was good.  Perfect weather, four or five people per team.  Lots of running and only a few catching/throwing screwups.Came home and finished the snitch scene.  Still, still, still need to clean up the ten billion other things in the first 22K words.  Bah.  I don't have enough caffeine for this.Links … Continue reading

From those wacky guys at's Men's Health Section: Why do we have fingerprints?'Cause, you know, women don't have fingerprints.Grown-ups turning to teen books is interesting enough on its own, but I don't understand why they mention science fiction in the first sentence and then never again.  They mention fantasy examples.   They do realize there … Continue reading

Of course, since I had been playing well Tuesday night, I totally had to biff most of my throws yesterday...Links-O-Million:~~This, Common Cat Parasite Affects Brains, is just weird.  I mean, it has the sound of pseudoscience to me.  Just...weird.~~When Only One Twin Gets a Disease is much less weird.  Some interesting things going on with … Continue reading


I've kind of always wondered about the Canadian prices on books...Low seretonin, migraines, and sex!  The story of my life...Ysenof's new backpack?And link of the day: Safecracking!

In's section on Men's Health, there is the following entry:  Decapitation and Loss of Consciousness.  The Author admits that there is a 'tenuous' link between decapitation and men's heath.  Over-statement, I'd say.  It seems more like an article young boys would take glee in reading.  But the *cough* feminist cell of me has to … Continue reading

Home Test for Caffeine  "This will greatly assist individuals who wish to avoid caffeine."  Hey, what about us people who want as much caffeine as inhumanly possible?  I'll just have to hold out for a quantitative test.  And huh, it's derived from llama blood.In other news, I have become a complete, utter Dr. Who fan … Continue reading