2006 Review

Work:Words written: 95,838Broken down by project: Model Species: 15,228Divine Fire: 29,645Falling Star: 39,173Associated Content: 3,558Other: 673Doesn't include rewrite docs.  No, my numbers don't add up. Yes, that is a pretty low number, but it doesn't feel like I did that little. Much rewriting was done. Can I work harder? Yes.Work to do:Moth short story.Divine Fire … Continue reading 2006 Review

Book #27Farewell Summer by Ray BradburyThe cover reads "The Eagerly Anticipated Sequel to Dandelion Wine."  Dandelion Wine is my favorite Bradbury book.  Really, any novel of his, especially if it's on the barely creepy side, rank as my favorite literature.  Yet, I never thought to myself, "I'd really love a sequel."  And I think sequel … Continue reading

Book #26The Black Cauldron, Lloyd AlexanderBy the time I was ten years old, I no longer went to see movies with my grandpa. At least not 'kid' movies. So while I had seen every Disney re-release, The Last Unicorn, and The Black Hole, I missed The Black Cauldron. Never saw it on video either. Although … Continue reading

Minor cold turned into minor flu.  I generally don't like to take meds, and we only had some very expired Alka-Seltzer Cold in the bathroom cabinet, but the only thing I wanted yesterday was for Eric to go get me something that would either kill my symptoms or put me to sleep.  As it was … Continue reading

Book #24:Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis.  This book was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.  Now, I suppose one can call Lunar Park fantasy, but if you do, you need to allow the entirety of the supernatural horror genre in too.  Move over Jordan and Martin, Graham Masterton and James Herbert are going to … Continue reading

Book #23:Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon.I was in the mood for a little horror considering the season, and I can't go wrong with a little Laymon.  The book went in a direction that I was not expecting, which is great.  But with twenty pages left I was wondering, "Just how is he going to end … Continue reading

Book #22:The Sundial by Shirley Jackson.  Jackson's books are never straightforward, and this one more so than any others I've read.  I've read that given the unpleasantness of the characters, it's considered satire.  That's an interesting bit to chew on, considering I've written a book with an unpleasant main character (which is, I will completely … Continue reading