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Well – Unlocking the Secrets of Gray Hair – NYTimes.com

Lately, I’ve been noticing more gray hairs, and it kind of gets me down. I don’t have a problem with getting older. My 30s have been much more interesting than previous decades, and despite some joint-related problems, I’m in the best shape that I’ve perhaps ever been. I’m not a stranger to grays either. When I was in seventh grade, I developed a small patch of gray hairs on the back left side of my head. But there are many more lately. All over. The problem is: I’ve only recently gotten to where I really like my hair and especially my hair color. After being ginger-woman-out for so long. I’ve shrugged and accepted it. And now it’s starting to go away, and I’m not quite ready to shrug and give in on it. Granted, I’m also way too lazy to do anything about it, so I suppose the shrug is the only option.


Eric’s back to blogging!
A Man With a Short Memory | Entangled Continua


Vexing Questions to Consider as We Enter Football Lent – Nebraska Football

I had never had a red beer until about a year and a half ago. I find it to be a great post-frisbee tournament beverage, or even mid-tournament beverage. Lots of potassium. And the thing that I eat *every* time I go back to Nebraska: a Runza.


We won our game last night, quite handily.  While a big factor might have been our competition, I think we’re continuing to improve.  Our field movement is getting better, despite a couple of at-a-nine-count throws.  And we seem to be social team, which makes it all the better.  On a personal level, I felt I played fairly well.  I could have had a cooler head on a couple of dump throws.  Dave and Reif bailed me out on those.  Caught a couple scores,  moved fairly well in zone.  Actually, while I had a better offense day, I had a worse defense day.  I’m not sure which I prefer.

During the last week or so, I’ve been hitting the community center a couple days a week for extra exercise.  While the weather is beautiful, it’s also pollen-filled and I haven’t been in the mood to run.  Been rowing instead and doing some weights.  Generally, my joints have been feeling pretty good, though my hands and feet have been a little creaky.  

Remember the other day when I said Eric could go on about gender differences? Well, he did:
Entangled Continua >> Realistic Portrayal Through Gender Tendencies

And just to throw some thoughts on world building on top of that:
SF Signal: MIND MELD: Worldbuilding
A link that Eric surely will be interested in.

Had dinner with the portion of Eric’s family that lives here last night. Played some Wii games, which is my first experience with the console. Fun, but not the kind of thing I’d own. Mark made barbeque, which really is about as good as what I had in Omaha, minus the really strong beer.  The girls weren’t too nutso, but hey, there was a Wii to play with.

Today, we’re supposed to game with Chris. It’s only 5pm where he is currently, so I’m not sure why Eric told me that we’d be doing this at 6am. Not that I wouldn’t be up anyway. Still. I need to get some coffee into me.  Maybe if we really do game today (I’m the DM), I can get Eric to go out to Sunday disc.  I’m going to need the exercise.

A couple other interesting bits this morning:
Literacy Debate – Online, R U Really Reading? – Series – NYTimes.com:

Some traditionalists warn that digital reading is the intellectual equivalent of empty calories.

I love reading this type of thing online. Mmm… Empty NYT calories…

PBS has the documentary FAT: What No One Is Telling You up on their site. They touch on the gut brain a little in part 7.

Linky Bits

Under the category of “You don’t say…”
Men And Women Really Do Have Different Brains

studies have found that the hippocampus, which is involved in short-term memory and spatial navigation, is proportionally larger in women than in men, which may come as a surprise given women’s reputation as poor map-readers

Yeah, well, the thing is, men and women have very different methods of navigating. Women seem to rely more on the physical points of interest where men seem to prefer an address and to know the system of street numbering. Eric can go on and on about differences in male and female brains, so I won’t.

Speaking of Eric, he has a new post on his blog. Not about gender differences this week, but about computing: Increasing Demands on Cell Phones Will Advantage x86

Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder
There were a couple instances in college (before the pervasiveness of the internet) where I’d have the TV on (muted), the stereo going, and be surrounded by books and my word processor. This usually occurred when I was working on final papers for literature classes. Not exactly the nerb stereotype, but early stimulus overload.

NADDers have an amazingly ability to focus when they choose to. Granted, it’s not their natural state and, granted, it can take longer than some to get in the zone, but when we’re there, BOY HOWDY.

I’m not sure this is as true for women with NADD, if women truly have the ‘affliction.’ Women don’t focus like men focus. Our brains sort of naturally go in five directions at once.

And also: London’s dead tell tales (Digg it!)

New post by Eric:
Using Fear of Identity Theft to Fix the Credit Industry

I need to do some admin stuff to the blog. Categories might be nice.

New blog post over at EntangledContinua.  Today’s topic: the economy.

Played some disc this morning.  Had a nice turnout despite the hour.  The weather was still pretty hot.  I could not catch a dam thing in the endzone and my back got pretty bad about halfway through.

Not much else to say.  I’m in a substantially lazy mood though I’ve set a goal to have a certain group of changes done by Friday night.

Oh, we did try a new restaurant.
Restaurant #8: Cheeburger Cheeburger

I’d heard some good things about Cheeburger Cheeburger.  The somewhat inane name was outweighed by a good selection of burger toppings, but in the end, I was underwhelmed.  The meat was pretty plain, fried without any seasoning.  I had cheddar-jack, bbq sauce and roasted green chilis, and while the combination was tasty it was overwhelmed by the bland burger and the bready bun.  They just don’t stand up to Chuckbox or Ted’s.

New blog post by Eric:
Motivation vs Pleasure

Eric’s blog is up and running. His first post:
The Singularity is Occurring and We Don’t See It.