Storytelling Fails

As is tradition when I'm in Omaha, Tess and I went to a movie. We usually pick something that we like, but really no one else in our family would care for. Which means, often it's a horror movie. Last summer it was Drag Me to Hell. A couple visits before that it was 28 … Continue reading Storytelling Fails

Random Reading Notes

A couple of notes about what I've been reading that haven't been transferred from my written journal: Tolkien does an amazing job of adding detail to the travel log chapters. While I'm not a fan reading about scenery, I don't hate these chapters. Tolkien seems encyclopedic in his knowledge of the natural world and puts … Continue reading Random Reading Notes

And I’m probably not going to make my reading goal either!

Officially, I've thrown in the towel on this year's NaNoWriMo. The last word count was 28,673. A few thousand of those word might end up in some manuscript written in the near future. I'll get back to this version of the Alterverse in January. For the remainder of November and in December, I plan on … Continue reading And I’m probably not going to make my reading goal either!

11As a 1930s wife, I amVery Poor (Failure)Take the test!Heh. Figures. During one of our walks, Eric and I determined that we're fairly bohemian in our lifestyle. Which means not very respectable by 1930 standards. Probably not very respectable by 00 standards either, but tough-kitty-toenails to convention.I'm rather looking forward to downloading Firefox 3.  That … Continue reading

Book #13 - Julia by Peter Straub Sometimes when I read older books or watch older movies, I feel like I've read it before, seen it before.  The tropes are thick in these works, and it takes me a moment to realize that work I'm reading was probably part of the origin of the tropes.  … Continue reading

Book #11 - Psycho by Robert BlochThis is a rewrite that didn't disappoint me.  When I first read it, probably in high school, maybe in college, I was too in love with the movie.  The differences between the book and the movie were too great for me to enjoy the book then.  Still, I saw … Continue reading

Book #10 - Out are the Lights by Richard LaymonFrom reading Laymon's A Writer's Tale, I remembered that there had been problems with the books he had published through Warner Books after The Cellar.  I remembered that one of the books had suffered from a terrible line editor and one had been the victim of … Continue reading