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Bring It, Summer Round!

Finished adding that scene to Divine Fire. Well, sorta. I kind of rewote/added to an existing scene. I hope I didn’t get myself into too much trouble doing that. Eric’s been reading through, but unless he has some big problems, I’m putting Divine Fire to bed. Tomorrow, Luck for Hire! My bravado-filled motto for RoW80, round 3 is "Bring it, summer round!" 

Received a rejection on "Eaters of Dust." It’s going back out the door today.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, thus far, at 118. The low was 91 due to some cloud cover that kept in the heat. I stayed up to watch the Wimbledon final, then took a nap. So, about 1.5 hours of sleep in the past 30. And I’m feeling surprisingly okay.

My crocheting is…going. I’m on Scarf Object, v. 4, using the same skein of yarn. I’m going to have to learn to live with flaws, I think.

Friday Randomness

I’m teaching myself to crochet. With the help of the internet, of course. For a while when I was growing up, my mom and grandma crocheted everything. Scarves, afghans, pillow covers, doilies, hats, warm socks, shawls. Both were quite good at it. Both stopped around when I went to college. I never learned. I came across Oma’s crochet hooks when we were searching for some important paper or another, so I took them. I bought a skein of "painted desert"-colored yarn on Monday and have been turning it into something scarf-like. It’s easier than I thought it would be, meaning that I haven’t tried to do anything difficult and my scarf-like thing is pretty uneven in quality. So far, my hands are okay with the activity, and my scarf isn’t yet large enough to make crocheting in Arizona in the summer a really stupid idea. I think I’ll work toward making a Jayne hat, crocheted version.

Sno-balls, my women’s league team, made it to finals! We edged out Push Pops to take second place. We’ll face Lucky Charms next Thursday night for the title! Our record against Lucky Charms is 0-2 with a 14 point differential, but that doesn’t really tell the story. The first time we played them was the first game of the season. Lucky Charms is mostly a tight-knit group of ASU girls. Sno-balls is a good mix of savvy vets and new talent; it’s taken a little time figure out what we do well. We lost by one that first game, but it didn’t feel like a loss. The second time we played them it was a full squad of Luck Charms against very few Sno-balls. We had two subs and most of the nine players were newer girls. Considering that, the score wasn’t too surprising.  But if most everyone shows up on Thursday, I think we have a chance.

A while back Grooveshark started offering surveys that paid in "points" that could be redeemed for their premium service (with last.fm scrobbling). I don’t mind online surveys so I jumped in. And quickly found that I rarely fit the demographic that they want to survey. Grooveshark: not for childless women in their late 30s with no income. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended. I find this pretty amusing actually, only annoying because it’s taken me about six months to get one month of premium.