On Ultimate Frisbee

If you watched ESPN2 or ESPNU (ESPN8) over the past week, you might have seen some ultimate frisbee* or caught this ad for the sport: https://youtu.be/KixMbFkrPIM It's a little schmaltzy and idealistic, but it also highlights some of the things that I love about ultimate. I started playing in 2001 at the age of 26. … Continue reading On Ultimate Frisbee

#RoW80 Check In, General Notes

#RoW80 progress:I expected the first week to be a bit slow. How Not To Write had a post a while back on returning to writing. Good advice, I'd say, even if I haven't been following it to the letter.This past week: I rewrote the gambling scene, changing the game of choice from blackjack to roulette.We've … Continue reading #RoW80 Check In, General Notes

Summer Habits

As happens in the summer, when I'm aching for a change of pace, I've created a new blog: The Taming of the Queue. The conceit: documenting my attempt to clean out my Netflix queue, with the occasional review. Now, I do not need another blog. I will probably can it within a year when I have better things … Continue reading Summer Habits

Women’s League 2011, Finals

Women's league finals were last night. Sno-Balls, my team, was the considerable underdog, but the majority of our players showed up and played hard. We traded points for a while, but the undefeated Lucky Charms took the lead and went up 6-2 or so*. Somewhere in there I threw a Callahan, effectively giving Charms a … Continue reading Women’s League 2011, Finals

Friday Randomness

I'm teaching myself to crochet. With the help of the internet, of course. For a while when I was growing up, my mom and grandma crocheted everything. Scarves, afghans, pillow covers, doilies, hats, warm socks, shawls. Both were quite good at it. Both stopped around when I went to college. I never learned. I came … Continue reading Friday Randomness

Friday Summary: Reading, Disc

Two posts over at Reading Notes this week, one on Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mind and the other about Karen Elizabeth Gordon's Torn Wings and Faux Pas. I joined #ToBeReMo, but my number of books finished will be inflated due to my way of reading. I have the habit of working through several books at once. … Continue reading Friday Summary: Reading, Disc

Friday Round Up; Of Health

Time for my Friday round up:Where was I this week?Guest post over at A Round of Words in 80 Days: What Richard Simmons Taught Me About Being a WriterPas de Chat, Ch.44, pt. 1. I really need to update the index...Over at Reading Notes, I muse on the nature of Dennis Lehane's books and note a … Continue reading Friday Round Up; Of Health