League Finals & RoW 80 – April 17th Check In

So, league finals yesterday. My team, Mario’s Magic Mushrooms, played two games and finished 1-2 in our pool. I ended up playing more than I thought I would since Monika was sick and Andrea sprained her ankle a few points into the second game. Personally, I played pretty well. Best moment: During the first game, I got a D on the female captain of the other team in their end zone, ran long and caught the disc just short of our goal line, threw a nice little pass to Rob for the score. The high temperature yesterday was 95. It was a hot, overly sunny day, and honestly I’m glad I didn’t play more than two games. Eric’s team, Golden Tees, went all the way to finals. They lost by one, universe point.

Eric catching (presumably) a hammer. Photo by Quan Nguyen

RoW80 Update:

Managed a mere 26 pages of editing between Thursday and Friday, 98 for the week. That brings me up to page 250 in the manuscript. The lack of progress isn’t devastating, but it certainly ate into my lead. I can’t be a wuss this week.

This Hermit’s Corner of the Internet

I’ve been in vaguely depressed extreme hermit mode for the last couple of day. It happens. I’ve fallen off the "A to Z" wagon. When I barely feel the drive to get real work done, blogging not only takes a backseat but gets left at the side of the road. Not to mention I get tired of my own yammering. Quiet is good.

Today is the rest of league finals. On Thursday night, Eric’s team beat my team 15-0. We couldn’t get anything going against their zone defense. The loss (and the score) doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure I’ve ever played other than hard and (mostly) smart on any team I’ve ever been on, whether we’re in league finals or its pick-up on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s not the first bagel I’ve been handed, nor will it be the last. Today, we have two more games. I want to play hard and smart, and then have a burger and watch my friends play. Maybe Eric’s team will make it to finals.

On Friday morning, an internet kerfuffle broke out surrounding The New York Times‘ review of the new Game of Thrones series. The reviewer, female, makes some pretty ignorant comments about the nature of the series and then disses female genre fans. Apparently, women would only choose to watch Game of Thrones for the sex… Who knew that we were such pervs, huh? Anyway, SF Signal has pretty good list of response links in addition to a link to the original article. I don’t have much to say that’s already been said about the issue, but I make one observation: We need to remember that our perception is subjective. While the majority of women I know adore sci-fi and fantasy, the majority of women at large might not. We can’t go making grand statements about anything (and back them up) when we only have our anecdotal world to pull data from. Does Ms. Bellafante of NYT reflect my views? No. Should she presume that she does? In this case, no. She’s working from her own perception of the world, which is apparently filled with women who would only watch Game of Thrones for the sex.

Now, I’ve got to go shave my legs so I don’t look like a Wookie while I hold my own on the disc fields.

RoW80 – February 20th Check In

Been doing rewrites, so my word counts are fairly irrelevant. Wrote about 2000 words since Wednesday, but only added about 700 to the manuscript. I’ll talk to Eric later today about whether these changes have been good or good enough. We made several decisions to connect a few characters and I like these changes. The plan is to finish up this pass of rewrites on Monday and then start over with per scene detailing of priority events.


Felt terrible the last couple days. My elbows and knees, hands and feet have been very achy and I’m tired.


If I had a blogging platform, it would likely be based on really bad analogies and what lessons I keep learning over and over again. Ultimate frisbee continues to point out interesting behavioral things. For example: more chances for success translates to more likelihood of failure. I’ve been playing ulti for ten years now. My in-game throws are passable enough (no pun intended) that, in league, I get called as a handler. This isn’t a position that I’m comfortable with, but there it is. This means that I will touch the disc often and have more opportunities to cause a turnover. Sure, I have more opportunities for success too, but I remember the crappy shanked backhand, not the…uh…well, I’m sure I did something good. I guess the point is, you can’t get away with only ever being successful. The only way I could avoid screwing up on the ultimate field is to not play ultimate any more. The only way to avoid screwing  up as a writer is to not write. The only way to avoid failure is to not do anything. Which is a bigger, uglier failure because there’s no chance at success either.

A Better Monday than Usual

Feeling okay with the world today. After all, it *was* a good league and really the bad part is that it’s over. Had a nice dinner with some of my teammates on Friday night too.

I’m feeling better physically too, but that isn’t saying much. I took a walk to the post office this afternoon and since I only felt some tightness in my right hamstring, I decided to finally check out Bookmaze. I picked up a flier from them at the last writing-ish convention I went to, probably WesterCon a few years back. Yes, there’s a bookstore less than a mile from my apartment and it’s taken me several years to check it out. What has been wrong with me?! It’s an okay little place. I browsed through the hardbacks and picked up an anthology of Asimov mysteries and Thomas Tryon’s Harvest Home. It was past lunch time, so I saved their paperback section for later. When I got home, I was still not writhing in pain and I walked to Guerrero’s with Eric to pick up lunch. And that was probably where I over-did it. My right hip is now pretty achy when it wasn’t before. I haven’t decided whether I want to go for a run tomorrow.

I’ve cut 8K from Model Species and am not quite 2/3 done. I’m lazy and easily distracted.

14-1, 0-19

League finals was yesterday. Huck Discs & Chew Bubble Gum made it to finals, but lost to Good Huck Charm, our Tuesday night counterpart. We played four games; I believe all of them went past soft cap. Which means we played from 12:15 to 7:30-ish with a few short breaks. The guys had only three subs, way too few. Us girls fared better, averaging a two in/two out rotation. By the fourth game we were all pretty beat, endurance-wise.

On the plus side, I got to play the most games possible with a team that I very much enjoyed. A 14-1 record is nothing to sneeze at. It’s certainly the best record of any team I’ve been on, much less captained. On the other hand, this is my nineteenth league and I still haven’t been on a championship team. You’d think that even statistically, out of a sixteen team league, I would have made it once so far. Not so much.

Today, Eric and I have been hobbling around with terribly sore muscles, and napping, and eating salty foods with our ibuprofen doses. In a little over a month, I’ll be setting up registration for league #20.

November…on its head. ( #amwriting )

No NaNoWriMo for me. Instead, more of a NoCutHalfMo. My goal, by the end of next week, is to cut 10K from Model Species. So far, after starting Thursday and doing a pretty substantial rewrite on the first scene, I’m at -823. I have a long row to hoe.

Halloween passed with little fanfare. There wasn’t too much participation at Thursday night’s league games, costume-wise. I have to go out to games tonight to see if the post-but-nearer-to-Halloween crowd does better. Today, I say goodbye to my lovely orange, egg-shaped pumpkin-turned-jack-o-lantern and hello to a few cut-price decorations.

Sadly, we’re in the last three weeks of league. Whether we continue to go undefeated, whether we make it to finals, there is only a 5-7 more games to be played with this team, and I wish it were more. For me, there’s a good combination of players who are either often my teammates (Nabity, Reif, Dave, Kuby, Debbie), I’ve known for years and not been on a team with (Al, Cole, George), I just didn’t know (Amber and Skyler), or are brand new players (Jenn, Nora, Evan, Paul). I know we have the tendency to huck-to-height, but everyone, including our new players are pretty solid. I’d love to have this team again.

Not that I won’t be busy with VOTS stuff after fall league ends. We have men’s league, New Year Fest and then spring league. It’s frisbee season in Arizona.

For whatever reason, I’ve suffered from a massive arthritis flare up over the last couple days. Aleve and alcohol are about all that’s kept me upright. I seem to be better today.

Waiting to Feel Poorly

It’s 7pm on Wednesday evening and I’m waiting to feel poorly.

We won our game last night using a trap zone variant suggested by Cole. I’m not sure our technique improved over the course of the game, but overall it was good enough. I played cup the whole time except for one point. And by the end, I wasn’t much more tired than usual. I don’t know whether that says something about my fitness level or my lack of intensity last night, but I will reiterate that we won with only six players on the field. My offense was okay. Didn’t really get open during man-to-man coverage. Handled in zone a few times, including once on the backhand side. Kuby bailed me out on an overly long swing. Likewise, Al bailed me out when I ended up in a trap situation (not during zone) that made me feel like an utter newbie.

Played pickup today at noon. My legs were stiff and I was possibly slower than usual, but I still felt pretty good. By now, though, my doses of Aleve should be wearing off.

In the land of writing, Eric and I are still feeling our way through the intricacies of Luck for Hire‘s plot. The way we go about plotting might seem screwy to some…uh…everyone. It involves a skeleton of interactions that gets fleshed out and then modified as more of the plot is decided on. Or something like that. It’s pretty much what happens when a hierarchical thinker (Eric) works out something linear. There is an aspect of mutability to our stories as we work them out.

On Sunday-ish, Eric decided a few pieces of behind the scenes plot. Today, we talked and it was decided that a good deal would have to be dumped or rewritten. And this doesn’t devastate me as it might have in the past. Maybe I’ve come to peace with our process. Or maybe I’m just lacking writing intensity too.