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Finished the stuff I needed to do on Model Species.  Only two days behind where I wanted to be.  Next up is Divine Fire rewrites.

Wrapped, packed, and sent Christmas gifts yesterday.  Finished up the Christmas cards too.

I’d kinda like to do this, or at least see if I could.  The half marathon, that is.  Alas, $85 entry fee that is better used elsewhere.  Maybe next year.

The conclusion of league finals was good.  We beat up the two Tuesday teams, but good.  Everyone played so well, that it’s really a shame we didn’t play that well on Thursday.  But, there’s something nice about playing two games and then sitting back to eat a hamburger and do some drinking.  Brad brought rum and Coke, so that’s what I had instead of beer.  Less calories all in all.  I haven’t decided whether I want to captain again in the spring.  Might be nice to get picked rather than do the picking.  Will be on a NYF team though.  Joanne and Pauline are organizing.

Didn’t do any drinking at Martha’s party.  We were both so tired though.  We did stay until about 12:30 though.  I am eating many goodies.

Now I’m just being lazy in that December haze kind of way.  Disc tomorrow.  Eric’s off after Friday.  Chris will be in town Saturday night.  Sounds like we’ll be doing a Christmas-y thing with Mark, etc.  Right now, I should do some reading, but Oblivion sounds nicer.  I’ve been missing the EverQuack.

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Tomorrow, league finals and Martha’s party.  We’ve already lost our first game of pool play, so it doesn’t look good for us.  But, you never know.  If anything, I’m looking forward to playing hard and having some fun.  Need to do a small shopping trip before all that to get Gatorade at very least.  I need a trip to Target too.  And we need to shop for books for the nieces-and-nephew. 

Eric ordered a laptop earlier in the week and we got it today.  Alas, it seems to have an administrator login already set, and we have no way of finding out the password or restoring the software or hardware.  That baby is going back.

Didn’t finish the scene I should have been writing today.  No excuse for it, really.  I’m just restless and distracted.

Thus far, December hasn’t been as relaxing as I would have hoped.

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Via[info]ukskeptic: An article not only about ‘ethical consumerism’ but the distortion of statistics.  Party ON!

No words yesterday or today.  I’m enjoying relaxing.  It seems like I haven’t actually relaxed (and caught up on house-and-home stuff) in ages.

I either am having an allergy attack or a minor cold.  Annoying.

We lost our game on Thursday.  That sucked.  It will make pool play harder.  Nebraska lost earlier this evening.  That sucked too, but not as much, honestly.

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Still working on Falling Star, my NaNo project.  Probably will continue to for this week at least.  Wrote 2000 words yesterday and 1300 tonight.  That brings the grand total to 38,400.  Not bad for a months work, even if it is a messy heap.  Unfortunately, my schedule has firmly swung to nights.  I’ll have to squeeze out my words during the day tomorrow due to disc.

The fall season is almost over.  Tomorrow is our last regular season game.  Next week we’ll have one pool game during the week and wrap it all up on the 9th.  We have two losses thus far and many close wins.  Getting to finals will require a lot of work.  Disc this afternoon was good, as Wednesday disc usually is.  Today was our first really pretty cool day, and windy too.  I’ll probably close the last window tonight, that being the one in our bedroom.  But disc in the wind, when nothing is on the line, is ridiculous and fun.  Just try throwing a frisbee into a good gust of  wind a few times and see if you agree.

The 9th is also the date of Martha’s Christmas party.  We might go late if we’re not totally worn out.  And hey, I might go already tipsy.  …that can’t be a good thing…

The apartment is finally in passable shape.  Laundry and dishes tomorrow, stuck in between writing.  Oh, and putting up my outside lights.  Stuff that gets me out of the back room.

Now for some reading.  Reading is good.

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The more I write for NaNo, the less inclined I am to update here.  Just too busy.  Today’s writing consisted of some rewrite.  With crossed out bits left in.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
31,005 / 50,000

Since last I updated:

DiscObedience lost a second game.  There’s been so much zone being played this season that it’s almost ridiculous.  I’d say it works, but you know, man defense might work to if anyone played it.  I’ve found that it’s very hard to go from playing zone O to being on defense.  Zone O, as a handler, is slow with a grave need for calm.  It’s hard to switch on the ferocity after that.  I guess that’s something I should remember when we throw zone too.

The party for Magda on Friday was nice, but something upset my stomach terribly.  I think I’m still feeling the effects.

Despite my worry, the trip to San Diego went well.  Except for forgetting all kinds of minor things.  And being pulled over by the highway patrol (let go with only a warning).  And nearly running out of gas on the way back (the yellow Shell station sign might have been the light of Gawd shining down).  And me being quite sick, and Eric injuring his pinky toe.  But nothing went absolutely, terribly wrong.  We played lots of frisbee on the beach with Chris, went to see Casino Royale (very good) in a really neat mall, and generally hung out.  It was lovely and relaxing.  And reaffirming that one day I when I’m filthy rich I’ll live on a beach.

Tomorrow, Eric’s parents arrive. 

If only there was another week to this month…

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We won!  In addition to missing Eric and Tyson, we were also missing Iverson and Brad.  That’s a lot of speed we didn’t have.  The beginning of the game looked grim, but we picked it up after tying at sevens.  I am so tired.  I don’t think I’ve run that hard in ages.  I often came out after only one point.  And either I’ve gotten faster or Sarah has lost a step.  I totally ran her down several times.  She was hard to get away from though.  She plays smart.  Craig was in charge and called me as a handler just about every time I was on the field.  I hope he was doing that because he feels that I’m an okay handler and not because I’m the co-captain or because I’m one of the girls.  But we were a bit light in the handling department, so it probably fell to me honestly.  And I did okay.  Good learning night.

Eric finally called.  He had a decent day, it sounded like, though his stomach is acting up.  Ironwood needs to win their games tomorrow after going 1-2 today.

Putting butt to chair currently, though I’d really like to call it a night.  I’m stopping when I hit 7000 for the month.  (Pitiful, eh?  Better than nothing…)

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Game  last night did not go well.  We won in the end, but it wasn’t pretty.  I threw a callahan and generally played poorly.  If anything, I tried to be my team’s poster child for running down field and then cutting under.  It’s a technique that works well for our team, when we do it.  When we stand around the middle of the field doing nothing, turnovers happen.

Wednesday disc was nice.  The weather has been so nice, cool for October.  I enjoy Wednesday disc so much because it’s the least pressure play I engage in.  Which sadly means it’s probably my best play.  I have in the past five years of playing gained a new appreciation for athletics and those who play sports well.  There’s a fine edge being relaxed enough to use your practiced skills and being intense enough to play hard.  That’s probably an analogy I can apply to writing, but I don’t have the brain power to think it through entirely.

Writing.  Rewriting.  1200 yesterday, but scenes that can be done better.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed, daydream, and write journal entries instead of working on the hard things.