Finished the stuff I needed to do on Model Species.  Only two days behind where I wanted to be.  Next up is Divine Fire rewrites.Wrapped, packed, and sent Christmas gifts yesterday.  Finished up the Christmas cards too.I'd kinda like to do this, or at least see if I could.  The half marathon, that is.  Alas, … Continue reading

Tomorrow, league finals and Martha's party.  We've already lost our first game of pool play, so it doesn't look good for us.  But, you never know.  If anything, I'm looking forward to playing hard and having some fun.  Need to do a small shopping trip before all that to get Gatorade at very least.  I … Continue reading

Viaukskeptic: An article not only about 'ethical consumerism' but the distortion of statistics.  Party ON!No words yesterday or today.  I'm enjoying relaxing.  It seems like I haven't actually relaxed (and caught up on house-and-home stuff) in ages.I either am having an allergy attack or a minor cold.  Annoying.We lost our game on Thursday.  That sucked.  … Continue reading

Still working on Falling Star, my NaNo project.  Probably will continue to for this week at least.  Wrote 2000 words yesterday and 1300 tonight.  That brings the grand total to 38,400.  Not bad for a months work, even if it is a messy heap.  Unfortunately, my schedule has firmly swung to nights.  I'll have to … Continue reading

The more I write for NaNo, the less inclined I am to update here.  Just too busy.  Today's writing consisted of some rewrite.  With crossed out bits left in. 31,005 / 50,000(62.0%) Since last I updated:DiscObedience lost a second game.  There's been so much zone being played this season that it's almost ridiculous.  I'd say … Continue reading

We won!  In addition to missing Eric and Tyson, we were also missing Iverson and Brad.  That's a lot of speed we didn't have.  The beginning of the game looked grim, but we picked it up after tying at sevens.  I am so tired.  I don't think I've run that hard in ages.  I often … Continue reading

Game  last night did not go well.  We won in the end, but it wasn't pretty.  I threw a callahan and generally played poorly.  If anything, I tried to be my team's poster child for running down field and then cutting under.  It's a technique that works well for our team, when we do it.  … Continue reading