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Protected: Dream last night…

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I’ve rearranged my schedule onve again. Exercise first thing in the morning and then on to writing at about 10ish. Work out this morning was good, but I’m resisting the urge to guzzel Gator Aide. The new Starfruit flavor is really good.

Yesterday I moved on with writing even though I really hadn’t finished the scene I was on. I’ll get back to it, but right now, this minute, all I really want to to push through and get the next event done. Marie is going to need more rewriting, yes, yes indeed.

Unfortunately, body feeling tired and it’s still cool enough that sleeping would be nice.

Dreamt last night that Josh Reed (an old friend from high school) was killed and I went back to Omaha for his funeral. The only details I can remember were that it was cold and I was wearing the red/purple plaid wool coat that I used to own and that Josh had joined the family business of making pottery animals (notta clue whether Josh’s family has anything to do with pottery irl). Had other dreams too, but I don’t remember them. Eric read a study (sometimes I think that’s all my hubby does at work!) that correlates people who started dreaming earlier in their sleep cycles and depressive aspects of their personality or family history. No mechanism of cause and effect found yet.

Rainy day. Beautiful. *smile*

Strange dreams last night. I can only remember parts.
1.) I was in bed listening to music, CDs on a boombox. And the only CDs I had were Suzanne Vega and she was driving my nuts. Like seriously crazy. I could feel my sanity slipping away with each song. And then I remembered that CDs where not the only medium I had and I found my old collection of cassettes and started playing them and felt better. The only further distress I had was that I realized I owned the Gladiator soundtrack on tape when I had just ordered it on CD. (Untrue irl, I do not own it on cassette, and I only have one Suzanne Vega CD)
2.) We were at the comics store gaming. In the middle of some important encounter I got up to get some gum and realized the store was selling gum that looked like rocks. It only cost 10 cents per rock and was very good gum.
3.) I dreamt that Eric and I were living in a high-rise apartment complex, but Eric owned a nice two story house on the edge of the apartment complexes property. We had forgotten about it and decided to move there. It was fully furnished, most the stuff given to me by Grandma Faye. (I’ve dreamed of this house before, but in the past my dad owned it.) The rest of this dream was a muddle of a two other things: A retarded boy who kind of already lived in the house. We were afraid that he could be violent. And secondly I was expecting my period and was passing some very large clumps of tissue, but that was somehow normal. The little boy kept trying to follow me into the bathrooms.

Going to write this morning I believe. Need to dishes this afternoon, and also I’d like to call Tania while Eric is at Disc. She sent me a e-mail Friday saying she was over both Brian and Chris, so I’m wondering what’s gone on. She was going to try and call this weekend, but I wasn’t exactly in the house much.

Dreams during my nap:
I was at my mother’s house in Nebraska and she had guests; my grandma, my grandma’s old friend Hettie, some of Hettie’s family, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. All sitting in my parent’s living room. For some odd reason, Matt & Ben were visiting Hettie because she sold a lot of Amway. So Ben was talking to my brother and Matt was writing little ditties on pictures in a magazine. I got up to get him a root bear, but when I came back everyone was leaving and I was mad at myself that didn’t ask for an autograph. Instead I stole one of Hettie’s notebooks. She had given a presentation about Amway and Ben and Matt had contributed. So as I’m watching them all pull away and my brother, who is much younger in this dream than he is in real life, is bugging the hell out of me. I try to get him to leave me alone, but it doesn’t work. Next my grandmother calls me and says something is wrong with her computer. I try to get my mom to talk to her but my mom is shuffling around like a zombie. And my brother is going nuts. So I leave and walk to my grandma’s house, which is only across the street, and see if I can fix her computer, knowing full well that I probably can’t. And my grandma isn’t happy that I’m there either, but I try to tell that mom wasn’t talking to me. Then the phone rang and I woke up.

Eric phoned twice. Once to ask me if we were okay for dinner. Second time to tell me he’s been offered an exemption from the vacation deal. I agreed that if work was going to be involving for him for the next few weeks it was probably for the best. So no vacation until April or May. *sigh*

My goal for the day, yes I’m actually setting one for today, is to finish red-penning Marie and maybe get some of the changes logged into the ‘puter. Eric’s doing interviews today for his section so I won’t see him for lunch and maybe not for dinner either, so I have a nice uninterrupted day ahead of me.

I’m deciding whether I should have some cake for breakfast or just save it for desert later. We bought a Black Forest cake from AJ’s. We stopped there after eating at Pei Wei. I love that place such good Oriental food. And we watched X-Men when we got home though I fell asleep during the end part. Yes, I can fall asleep during action movies, no problem. When I saw Spawn in the theater…ZZZZ… In that case, I don’t think I missed much. But sacrilege falling asleep during X-Men!

Dream last night: It started with me in this classroom or lecture or something. There was guy there, very cute, looked like Robert Sean Leonard. I knew him from whatever we were doing there. He got up in front of the people gathered there and started reciting Shakespeare, something from Much Ado About Nothing (since Robert Sean Leonard was in that movie). Did a terrible job. But when he got down from the lectern I told him he did alright. We ended up talking for a while, then wrestling around, then he kissed me sort of accidentally. I told him couldn’t do that because I was married, but I did like him. And he said that was okay, he’d never do it again. Dream switched then to being at a strange buffet restaurant. It was mostly Greek food, Greek deserts and cucumber dishes. And we were both in line. When we sat down he was saying something about he could only love a faithful woman. And some woman at the table, not pretty with dirty blond hair, made a snide remark at that because he kissed me and she knew I was married.

It all makes me want to watch Swing Kids…*shrug*


Night before last:
Nightmare. I dreamt we were housing Hannibal Lector. This was at my parents house, in the basement. I was there in the room. He was like in the closet or somewhere. I knew there was a good chance he wasn’t going to kill me, especially since I was going to give him the means to get out. I was playing with baggie-ties that I was going to leave there for him. But I decided at the last moment that I wasn’t going to play along with it. The room is usually my brother’s and it was decorated exactly as he has it. I figured Hannibal could find something to use. I wasn’t going to be the one responsible for his getting out. I left closing the door behind me. Half way up the stairs, I hear him open the door, coming after me. At the top of the stairs was Hannibal’s twin and I knew he was a detective and would help me. I passed by him and Lector quickly kills him and attacks me. We fight. (This is a very very rare thing for my dreams. Usually I’m running from things.) I found a bottle, broke it over his head, and stabbed the glass into his side. I killed him.

Last night:
Dreamt about Brent from CPN. I dreamt he and I were shopping as a mall in downtown Lincoln. (Dream reality mall, it does not exist.) He kept buying me things, shoes, food. Our last stop was at Anthony’s (again not the real Anthony’s). This one is a reoccurring place in my dreams. It’s like a Caribbean cabana, sort of. All the furniture is made of wicker and the tables are low. Everything is decorated in shades of maroon. They only serve weird drinks with umbrellas and are served by Anthony Hopkins (yes, again) wearing a white suit, a fedora, and a mouth full of gold-capped teeth. Brent ordered and we talked after we ate and drank. At some point he said “I’m glad we’ve become better friends, do you think we should take this to the next level?” I knew he meant sex. (Irl, I briefly had a crush on Brent. He’s fairly good looking, but any where near the type of guy I like. He is very flirty though and damn me if I don’t like being flirted with.) I said, “Well that’s kind of up to you,” even though I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted. He replied, “I’ve already made up my mind.” Which led to that odd dream feeling of being loved. Never got to the sex though. We ended up eating more food (though I don’t really remember eating at all) with a group of people he knew. He started flirting with some other girl which made me somewhat upset. But he reassured me he had made up his mind.

Also last night: (I had woke up at about 3:30.) As some point I dreamed that when I got back to bed the door to the bedroom closed behind me. For a moment I though Eric closed it, but he was still in bed. I opened the door again, looked out and saw lights in the kitchen. I thought to myself, “Ah that’s why the door closed, the light would bug Eric.” So I closed the door and went to bed. In retrospect, that was a creepy dream though it seemed find and logical at the time.

The usual aimless ramblings…

Slight headache this morning. Started last night when we were watching the new “Dune” movie. Stayed up watching all 4+ hours of it. Eric said it was closer to the book, but I haven’t read all the book. Maybe I will try again one of these days. It was much less confusing than the 1980s version, and the cast was good. I lot of people I’ve never seen before. Paul and Duncan were played by two hotties.

Dreams were muddled with images from the movie and Survivor. I didn’t sleep well because of the headache. Toward morning my dreams dissolved into me working at a fashionable clothing store. The only thing that kept me working there (me being a not fashionable person) was that I was very good with customers. They also sold stones there. Beautiful cut ones. One of my co-workers, a rather good looking guy, wore one around his neck. While he was in the backroom, having sex with his girlfriend, I stole it from where he had left it laying. I knew I was going to be caught with it, but I did it anyway. My dreams are often larcenous.

I don’t like/buy part of my rewrite from yesterday. I had changed the setting of a scene and I don’t like it. I’m changing it back.

But now, I need some food and a pain-killer. I’ve gone back to using naproxin sodium. It’s been a while.