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30 Days of Writing: Day #27 – Keeping Up Appearences (#amwriting)

27. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters.

A big role? Not overall, but situationally.  Weordan is a different world, so a reader might notice that the people of Weordan look differently, skin-color-wise. Since the stories are told within the context of the world, I never expressly comment as an author on the differences. Joanne of Pas de Chat has a "condition" that gives her skin splotches. She also has a scar from a childhood accident. Otherwise, my characters kind of follow my lack of fashion awareness. I’m also a little face-blind and I wonder if that plays into my non-description of characters.

Something I noticed when doing my urban fantasy "tasting" was that so many of the writers gave very vivid descriptions of characters’ clothes. For my taste, too vivid. As a reader, I don’t really care that much about what characters are wearing unless it has some bearing on the character’s ability to do things, or if it’s the kind of detail that *really* tells me something that I need to know about the character.


My back is a little sore today, but in a good way. I wonder if running barefoot on grass engages my core more than running in shoes on a treadmill. When the weather finally cools down, I might start running in the baseball outfield once a week or so.

I am feeling pretty good. At the moment.

It’s now looks likely that I’ll do NaNo. (I think I do this every October.) This year, we’ll be working on a non-Weordan project. Eric has plans for a far-future post-apocalyptic setting. As in…the apocalypse occurs in the far-future. Instead of our world falling apart, it will be the future of our world having to deal with their dark age. It’s a big, scary, exciting project. And I must say, I’m looking forward to 30 days and nights of literary abandon. I was rewriting a scene from Model Species today and was reminded how much I love writing. I know that editing is important and it’s a beautiful thing to improve my books, but it’s the writing that’s the fun.

I’ve been continuing to run twice a week in addition to playing Wednesday disc and league. It’s been going well. I’m back to being able run three miles at a faster-than-10-minute pace without feeling like I’m going to die. I think my quad/goin strain has finally healed and my joints are doing good too.

If this banana bread that I’m currently baking comes out well, I’m going to start to worry. But then, it’s autumn. It might be self-fulfilling prophecy, but things work better for me when the nights are longer than the days. Kinda like reverse SAD.  (Actually, this is not unheard of. Huh.)

Fame, Movie Reviews, Exercise

Woman admits embezzling from Danielle Steel – Yahoo! News
See, this is what happens when you become uber-successful. I don’t intend on becoming a rich enough author to have employees. That should avoid the problem.


Recent movie watching:

So, there’s this movie called Deadgirl. It made the film festival rounds, has been released on DVD, and I was surprised to find it available on Netflix as an instant view. I had read a review of Deadgirl before I saw it, so I sorta knew what to expect. Many people find it to be distasteful to downright reprehensible. The word misogynistic has been used to describe it too. The basic plot? Two high school misfits find a fairly attractive zombie girl tied up in an abandoned mental institution. While this movie isn’t high art (and actually I’m glad it’s not), it’s better than its offensive potential. The movie is really about how far each character will go in a situation that, in the beginning, might be morally ambiguous but lacks repercussions. Decent horror movie fodder.

Also watched Quarantine. Using the “found footage”motif, the hand-held cameras follow a lifestyle reporter as she follows firemen on a call to a building that quickly becomes quarantined. The rub? The people have been closed into the building with a something carrying a rabies-like virus. On a plot-depth level, this isn’t a great movie. On an experience-level? Pretty intense, at least superficially. There are scares in all the right places, but nothing that lasted more then the run-time of the movie.


I’m trying to get back into running and/or rowing a couple times a week in addition to disc twice a week. Okay, so I’ve done it for one week. As with most things lately, I probably won’t keep it up. But I do feel better. Well, when playing disc I have a screwy right ankle/foot and a slightly pulled left upper quad/groin muscle, but when just running and afterward, I’ve been feeling better.  (It’s all relative…)

The Return of Ice Cream Reviews

I had hoped that after Lucinda Week, I’d get back to posting more regularly. It hasn’t happened that way. September has been strangely busy. I expected things to calm down after league started and then after Lucinda Week, but I haven’t quite hit my stride with my fall schedule.

I did do OMM on Monday: Obscure Media Monday: Movie: Mr. Brooks. I might even start doing it regularly again.

Amusing link of the week:
Wondermark Fiction Generator.
There’s also an automated version!


Product Reviews: Ice Creams!

I’m not a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s but Basha’s had a really good sale a while back. I figured I give a few new flavors a try.

First up,Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. My main problem with many B&J varieties is that there is too much stuff in the ice cream. I was a little worried about this one, but it walks on the tolerable side of the line. It really tastes like a good, thankfully raisin-less, oatmeal cookie. I will agree with Eric’s assessment: B&J’s ice cream often doesn’t taste much like ice cream. This was more like a creamy cookie dough than ice cream.

Next was Mission to Marzipan. I really wanted to like flavor. I like marzipan, a lot, and I was encouraged to see that there weren’t many “add-ins”. Unfortunately, it falls short. There isn’t a marzipan swirl. It’s a liquid sugar swirl. The almond cookie bits were very plain. While the first bite of ice cream did have a sweet, almond-y taste, it faded quickly and ends up tasting simply like sweet cream ice cream. With bland cookie bits.

Last, Pistachio Pistachio. This is the outstanding one of the bunch. The ice cream is good, creamy as well as flavorful. Unlike pistachio Jello pudding, this B&J variety has big roasted pistachios in it (the instant pudding uses almond pieces). And the pistachios are the weak point, actually. They’re a very variable nut. Good ones are excellent, bad ones are vile. But all in all, I’d buy this one again.


And on that note, I need to start exercising on a regular basis again. I’m currently playing ulti twice a week, but that’s not quite enough. Bizarrely, Eric is considering trying a marathon, maybe the Rock & Roll marathon in January. A pricey endeavor, but an interesting challenge.