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I started the day (after breakfast and an email check) with a long run that didn’t take as long as I thought it would. No disc today, so I figured I’d better get that in. Didn’t get much done until after dinner. My brother called. He’s excited about his new girl-friend-ish friend.

Had dinner with Avery. He’s read the first section and had a few things to point out. Good conversation and good catfish tacos at Voodoo Daddy’s.

Nearly finished revamping the “Alcander at the bar” scene.

Tired, though I still want to get a little free-writing in as well.

Fish SideTrek #3
Apparently, I like herring. I had Crown Prince Kipper Snacks. They’re good, though I worry that they might be a bit high on the salt end. Better than that other herring I had.

We’re skipping out on disc tonight. My back’s not terribly happy, and most of Eric is about the same.

Writing is, well, writing. There’s a pretty sizable rewrite on the horizon before the month ends. Chapter 30 is the new Ch. 22, I fear. So I’m moving on to another scene while Eric and I (mostly Eric) contemplate all that is wrong with 30. Getting 1000 done today would be a good thing.

Wish it was a little cooler and a little grayer today.

Eric has tasked me with getting 10K done this month. I needed to be tasked…

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,053 / 10,000

776 done today, and it seems to be a good day to kill off characters, major and minor.

Playlist, Arrr!

Fish Adventure #3
AZeats came in handy last night when finding out fish adventure destination. Not only did The Seafood Market & Restaurant have prices listed on their on-line menu, but we scored a coupon as well. I was tempted by a dill catfish special, but Eric and I stuck to our at-home picks: Fish Tacos for him, and Fish Fajitas for me. Both were very good, made from a mild white mystery fish. There seemed to be two main differences between our meals. Eric’s had corn tortillas where mine had flour, and Eric’s fish was slightly more seasoned. Otherwise, we both had a good helping of sauteed onions and peppers as well as sour cream and avocado. I would have like a little more avocado, but that’s a minor complaint. Both entrees were served with salad, bread, rice pilaf, and black beans. That made the price livable. The salad was pretty standard and the salad dressing were kind of odd. My honey mustard seemed mayo based and Eric’s Italian may have contained cocktail sauce. The bread and rice were good. The beans were also pretty standard, but dressed up with a helping of jack cheese. But that’s okay. It’s the fish we’ll be going back for.

Annoying. I ripped The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, but it’s not showing up in Media Player under Danny Elfman. Or under any artist I can see. Curve’s Doppelganger ripped just fine.

Fish SideTrek

I don’t like tuna (aside from tuna casserole), but I envied Eric’s simple lunch of tuna with Greek vinairgrette on Triscits. I don’t like sardines either, I’ve found, so what else is there on the shelves that is cheap and fish based… Chicken of the Sea Crab-tastic! I tried this product a while back with ranch dressing and I was unimpressed. It’s kind of crab tasting, but rather bland. “It could be good,” I said, “Maybe with mayo and celery and…” So I tried it again. This time I added mayo (necessary for holding it together as well as for flavor), Salad Toppings, salt and pepper, and a little cheddar cheese. I’m the sort of person who will add cheese to almost anything, but it didn’t work here. It didn’t ruin it, but it didn’t add to it either. After eating about a third of the mixture I thought to myself, “Jalapeno.” I’ve lived in the Southwest too long… And the jalapeno made the dish. Very tasty, relatively cheap.

You Are Likely a Second Born

At your darkest moments, you feel inadequate.
At work and school. you do best when you’re evaluating.
When you love someone, you offer them constructive criticism.

In friendship, you tend to give a lot of feedback – positive and negative.
Your ideal careers are: accounting, banking, art, carpentry, decorating, teaching, and writing novels.
You will leave your mark on the world with art and creative projects.

Huh, no actually I was a first born, but it’s somewhat accurate.

Fish Adventure #2
Island Fish Tacos, at Islands Restaurant, were a 95% success. The fish, pollock in this case, was batter-fried and very mild in flavor. Each fillet were served in a soft corn tortilla with cabbage, sauce, and ‘pico de gallo.’ The fish was still sizzling hot when it reached our table. The cabbage worked very well and the sauce was tasty. The main problem was that, while good, the taste got boring about halfway through the second taco. It probably would have been better if their pico de gallo were better. I’m not entirely sure what pico de gallo should consist of, but in my previous experience it’s more than diced tomato and a few cilantro flakes. We’ll probably add chips and salsa to the order next time to give us something to break the monotony. Unfortunately, that’s going to raise the price on this dinner, and add more fats to already fried fish.

K.A.T.E.N.: Kinetic Artificial Troubleshooting and Exploration Neohuman

Fish Adventure #1
I’m looking for good fish dishes. Fish is so good for me, but I just don’t like it. Therefore Eric and I will be heading out on a series of ‘fish adventures’. Last night was the first. We had Killer Fish Burgers at Ruby Tuesday. First, the price was rather high for tilapia. This is a fish I can buy at the grocery store for much less than decent steak. Why is it more expensive than a ‘steak’ burger? The rémoulade sauce was orange-ish in color and spicy without much other taste. And that pretty much sums up the whole burger. It just wasn’t tasty. Now, I don’t consider that a bad thing. I don’t like the fishy taste of fish. Eric was less impressed. The texture was mushy. The bun needed to well toasted and a little searing might have done the fish good. It was served with salted-and-peppered fries which were passable. End decision: While I found it an okay meal, it isn’t worth the price. Next up, fish tacos at Islands.

Rented Sin City. The visuals were interesting (Eric was less impressed), but it was kind of, well, boring. The stories were so simple, and the characters had no individual voice. Yes, Clive Owen is ruggedly handsome in the rain, Elijah Wood is creepy with his staring eyes, and Jessica Alba sure can undulate, but shouldn’t these characters be given something to do? At very least, I was hoping for some commentary on the DVD, but as seems to be the distressing trend, the initial rental release has very few special features.