#ROW80 ~ December 6 Update

Round 4, Week 9 Update Next Monday is my 41st birthday. I think the rest of December might be taken up by my midlife crisis. I haven't decided yet. Writing Week 9: Write First. Five days out of seven, 1 hour of work/500 words before noon. - 4 out of 7. Rewrites on One Ahead … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ December 6 Update

#ROW80 ~ November 29th Update

Round 4, Week 8 Update We have entered that time of year when I want to fast-forward to January in order to have all my spreadsheets clean and clear. December is often a goal-setting time for me. My birthday is close enough to the New Year that December always seems like a good time to … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ November 29th Update

#ROW80 ~ November 22nd Update

Round 4, Week 7 Update Writing I've more or less bailed on NaNoWriMo, which is okay. I got out of it what I wanted: a couple weeks of free writing on various aspects of the One Ahead series. That said, it wasn't a very good week. Lots of anxiety. Time to rework my goals and … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ November 22nd Update

#ROW80 ~ November 15th Update

Round 4, Week 6 Update Writing Week 6: Man, this week... It was mostly my fault. I had a good writing day last Sunday, I wasn't too far behind, but then I had a lazy Monday. Not a killer, I figured, I'll make it up. Except, my computer had other plans. My boot drive has … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ November 15th Update

#ROW80 ~ November 8th Update

Round 4, Week 5 Update Writing Week 5: I'm 10K into NaNoWriMo. There's a lot of junk so far, but maybe a morsel or two that will end up in actual books. I have noticed that while I'm writing more, my want to read has decreased. Maybe I'm just in a post RIPX slump, or … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ November 8th Update

#ROW80 ~ November 1st Update

Round 4, Week 4 Update Writing Week 4: Finished the first draft of One Ahead #2 (or #3, or whatever) last night. It's only 18,750 which is lighter than I expected. I think there's probably some aspect that still needs bolstering. I'm going to give the last two scenes a reread this morning and then … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ November 1st Update

#ROW80 ~ October 25th Update

Round 4, Week 3 Update I used to have no problem writing 5K words a week. I used to have no problem sticking to my diet or keeping my apartment reasonably neat. In the last 5? years, not so much. Not sure what happened to the other me... Writing Week 3: Seven scenes. Three of … Continue reading #ROW80 ~ October 25th Update