Not very Flashy and also Slow

I've come to the conclusion that for me balance in life is not obtainable. Oh, overall everything probably evens out, but on any given day/week/month the scale might be weighted toward writing or socializing or VOTS stuff to the exclusion of most other things. For example, my good intentions of writing flash fiction every week … Continue reading Not very Flashy and also Slow

Friday Frivolity

Not really feeling frivolous, but I can hope that the use of happy words can affect mood like happy expressions affect mood.Where am/was I this week:New words on Luck for Hire means new Luck on the web. My official #FridayFlash is "Business as Usual." Chronologically, this is the most up-to-date Luck, but on the blog … Continue reading Friday Frivolity

FridayFlash, What I’m not reading, Plans, Being semi-social

I have flash fiction, posted on a Friday: 129 Southbound at 52|250. There's an odd formatting thing going on with this story. A few letters and parts of letters have been truncated.Been cleaning-up my "currently reading" list. Reading Notes has details about why I abandoned Machine of Death and Strangers on a Train. In general, … Continue reading FridayFlash, What I’m not reading, Plans, Being semi-social

Felicia Kendricks, Girl-About-Town ( #FridayFlash )

Felicia Kendricks, Girl About TownFrom the gloom of the shop, Felicia peeked through the door.  She squinted against the late afternoon glared from the whitewashed building across the street.  Aside from the stream of idle shoppers, the coast was clear."Don't be ridiculous," Benderbeau said from behind her.  The big man hadn't even looked up from … Continue reading Felicia Kendricks, Girl-About-Town ( #FridayFlash )

#FridayFlash : In a Name

I didn't bump anything to Eric in time for new Luck flash. Lazy Katherine is lazy. Instead, this is a cleaned up piece from the archives.In a Name"I think I've been cursed."  As soon as the word 'cursed' reached his own ears, Hil was overcome with the embarrassing corniness of the notion.  He didn't believe … Continue reading #FridayFlash : In a Name

#FridayFlash: Tricks

Now that it's no longer a secret (because my mother-in-law *is* a friend on Facebook even if she probably hasn't logged in since my niece set up the account), I can let it be known that we're headed to Omaha tomorrow. Eric's staying for the weekend for my mom-in-law's birthday party and I'm staying on … Continue reading #FridayFlash: Tricks

Friday Flash: Joanne and the Jaguar

Mr. Luck has been neglected this week in favor of VOTS stuff, but Pas de Chat has been longer neglected in favor of  Mr. Luck.  The following is a semi-stand-alone except from Ch. 15 of Pas de Chat which will be posted on Sunday, Aug. 29th. So, this is a sneak peek/tease of sorts.---###---Joanne and … Continue reading Friday Flash: Joanne and the Jaguar