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I was in a reading mood yesterday. I’m back to a rather tricky scene in Fuel Eaters and I needed to give my mind a little while to mull it. In an effort to not make that a complete excuse for not getting much done yesterday, I need to kick some ass on it today.

Reading from yesterday:
How Humor Makes You Friendlier, Sexier: Scientific American
During the last couple of days, Scientific American’s headlines have bugged me. They seem more lurid and sensational than usual. Take this one for instance. The article is mostly about laughter and humor being used in analgesic ways. The friendlier/sexier part gets a passing mention in five pages.

Kids with ADHD May Learn Better by Fidgeting – TIME
How Not to Get Misled by Health Statistics – TIME
And then there’s the only vaguely related See Also links within TIME articles. Maybe I’m just being a grouch.

Blockbuster and TiVo Join To Deliver Digital Movies –
TV, films boldly go down scientific path –
Hays Code – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ian McKellen: The Player – TIME
A stitch in time saves nine

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Occasionally, I get too excited by ultimate. It happens when games are close and the play is good on both sides of the disc. Last night’s game was one of those.

We played a cross-over game on our off-night. All the Wednesday teams have pretty strong rosters, and our opponents, The Champagne Room All-Stars, were no exception. The number of handlers on their team is staggering. After listing off about three or four player that generally considered top handlers, we’d suddenly remember that they also have two more that we forgot about. That they haven’t won games is a mystery to me. (Can the rest of Wednesday teams be that stiflingly good?)

We scored first and traded points until 8-8. Before that, there were probably only a handful of turnovers. We managed a defensive point to bring it to 10-8 and then play became mildly more messy. We brought the score up to 14-10, figuring it was just a matter of putting it away when the All-Stars had a three-point run, taking us to hard cap. We won, but that last point had a close call on a turnover. It was just really good play by everyone involved.

It’s especially good to see our newer players doing some good things. Notably, Joe and Brent had some great bail-out catches, and Nicole managed to get out of a trap-zone situation by doing the thing that is usually over-looked: turning her attention back up-field.

It should be noted that the last time I was this excited by ultimate was last spring. The difference? Last spring, my excitement was limited to in-game because while the play was close, it rarely went our way. The line between giddy win and frustrating lost is very, very thin.


After talking to Eric about a few Fuel Eaters issues, I’ve started over with rewrites. I got through the first nine chapters on the first pass, but the things that need to be changed in those chapters is piling up and will affect later chapters. This is just how things go.

Research yesterday:
Camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Dazzle camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Safety orange – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  I had never heard of it being called Omaha orange before. I could not find a reason for this nomenclature.
Military camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia isn’t providing the information I’d like. Time to flex the research muscles.

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SyFy & Spring Break Ends

All over my corner of geek-dom this morning:
Advertising – Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name – Now, It’s Syfy –

“If you ask people their default perceptions of Sci Fi, they list space, aliens and the future,” he added. “That didn’t capture the full landscape of fantasy entertainment: the paranormal, the supernatural, action and adventure, superheroes.”

Well, I suppose this is the case if you ask someone who is utterly ignorant of the genre. The people who are watching the Sci Fi Channel already understand that sci-fi encompasses a wide range of things. There are two questions then:

1.) Will the name change entice viewers who aren’t “the fan-boys and -girls who love the genre”?
I doubt it. The channel is a niche. It has a certain viewership.

2.) Will changing the name drive off “the fan-boys and -girls who love the genre”?
As much as we will ridicule ‘SyFy’ for how dumb it is, we don’t have many options. Whatever the name, it is still going to have some good shows sprinkled in with the horrid monster movies. It will still be included in cable packages. And it’s not like we haven’t ridiculed the Sci Fi Channel before.

Still. Sci Fi Channel *is* a brand. As “generic” as the term sci-fi is (in that many things other than a TV channel can be labeled sci-fi), it’s a little like Coca-Cola changing its name because many people call any soft drink Coke and the cola connotation doesn’t reflect the wide range of products being produced by Coca-Cola Co.


Back to non-spring break routine today. Hopefully. I woke up feeling pretty poorly due to a migraine that set in just before I went to sleep last night (and the hastily chewed Tylenol that when in on an empty stomach), but I’m feeling much better now. I’m going to spend the next two weeks making a run at NaNoEdMo. I figured doing the galley corrections on Lucinda last week probably wouldn’t count since it’s a different project from the first three hours I logged. I haven’t gotten feedback from Eric on the last set of changes I did to Fuel Eaters, but moving ahead probably isn’t a bad thing. Actually, I don’t quite remember where I left off. Hmm…

I must say, I did have a nice Thursday at the mall last week. Not only did I get a ton of work done, I had very tasty carrot cake from Paradise Bakery and a Smithwick’s at D’Arcy McGee’s. Regarding the Smithwick’s, very much like Killian’s though a little more mellow. Honestly, I can’t justify the taste with the price.

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There’s very little going on with me that is worthy of a journal entry.

League draft is coming up Wednesday evening, leaving Jose and I (mostly Jose) in the last throes registration and organization. Eric and I willprobably go out tomorrow night to scrabble up a few last registrations and see some of the new people.

Working on Fuel Eaters. It’s going fine, I suppose.  We’re getting into the crunchy bit that was less planned and has more poorly wrought details.

Today, I’m trying to decide just what to do with my day. I should end up at Memorial Union at 3 pm to meet up with Eric at an open lecture and then have dinner. I’m considering hoofing up to the mall for lunch and shirt shopping, then over to campus. Some work in there, maybe. I really should get going if I’m going though. My head is about 75% cleared of the migraine that hit me about 20 mins after waking up. 75% is the best I can hope for.

Why It Hurts to Be Away from Your Partner: Scientific American:

These results, like those from Young’s study, indicate a specific link between separation and increased cortisol, implying cortisol-blocking drugs may benefit people struggling to cope with partner separation

It seems very odd to me that something like separation could possibly be “treated.” This is the sort of thing that leads to alarmist science fiction… Of course, I imagine the more common version of treatment is to find something (or someone) that once again increases those levels of oxytocin and vasopressin. The pair bond is…flexible…after all.

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Having a decent Wednesday.

Disc was okay.  My head wasn’t quite in it.  I skipped practice last night too because I felt a little off and snowed-under.  Marnie came out and played. It was good to see her and nice to have a girl to play against.  The teams were maybe a tad uneven.  But it’s Wednesday disc; uneven teams mean little in the grand scheme.  Eric has a class that interferes with disc, so I’m back riding the bus to get there and back.  I decided to get the goodie out of my all-day fare and stopped for lunch at Boston Market (had an okay sandwich) and then headed over to the library (because I need more books).  The last leg of my trip home, from Rural/Terrace to Smith/Martin, was on the light rail.  I’ve been meaning to take a substantial trip on it, but haven’t set aside the time.  It’s nice.  It’s roomy and quiet and, over that distance, faster than the Red Line used to be.

Ended up checking out three mysteries from the library.  Unusual for me.  I might even finish reading a book this year instead of just starting new ones.

League registration is going as it usually does.  I’m going to attempt to not let it dominate my attention this time around.  Frisbee burn out just isn’t pretty.

Rewrites of Fuel Eaters are going surprisingly well. I have a pretty big chapter to tackle this evening.  Probably shouldn’t have gallivanted around Tempe, but I haven’t been getting anything done in the afternoons anyway.

Eric won’t get home until 5:30-ish.  Wonder if he’ll end up dropping that class.