Friday’s Fave Five

Where am I on the web this week? No where! It's been a quiet week.Instead of the usual, I think I will take part in Friday's Fave Five.Movies - Watched two while I was in Omaha. As is our tradition, my sister and I went out to a movie. Unimpressed with the choice of current releases, we headed to … Continue reading Friday’s Fave Five

RoW80: May 25th Check In

Still in Omaha. No progress on Divine Fire. I did take a look at an old short story and can see how I can improve it. Which I might do eventually.The last week has been exhausting. I feel like I could sleep for a year, except that I can't seem to sleep more than about … Continue reading RoW80: May 25th Check In

#RoW80 – May 18th Check In

My grandmother's health has deteriorated rapidly in the last week and a half. I moved my trip to Omaha from next Wednesday to yesterday (Tues, 5/17). I spent Monday and Tuesday morning cleaning, packing, and generally getting my ducks in row.  (Eric was a big help in the duck organization. He called Southwest twice(!) to get our … Continue reading #RoW80 – May 18th Check In

Finished reading Strange Wine by Harlan Ellison. The book has a history. One of the few things I remember from the spring semester of 1995 is buying this book. I had taken a walk, this was before I had moved permenently to Lincoln, to find a bookstore on F Street. None of the other bookstore … Continue reading

My ear is hurting again. I think it's a general reoccurring infection. A late-night cool-down shower is probably the cause of its flare up today. I'm hoping that some decongestant/pain-killers will help. It was so freaking hot (and still is) that Eric turned on the AC at about 1:30 last night. He couldn't sleep. I … Continue reading


Got back from our trip last night. I had a great time and came back exhausted and happy to be back in my cozy little apartment. Our first stop when we got to Tucson was the University of Arizona. This occurred because we ended up taking the wrong exit. Since it was only noon and … Continue reading BACK!

Doing a Happy Dance!

YES!!! Small trip/honeymoon to Tucson is planned! We're leaving tomorrow and will get back Tuesday night. I'm so stoked! We booked rooms at a rather nice, but cheap, hotel and planned trips to the University, Bookman's, Tombstone, and Old Tucson. Eric can't get over how excited I am. I just tell him it's my parent's … Continue reading Doing a Happy Dance!