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Great Gnashing of Teeth

A visit to the DMV or DVM or whatever you want to call it is broken into 3 phases. First you come in tell first person at the desk what you want and he gives you a number and whatever paperwork you need to fill out. As you fill out your forms numbers are called it’s all nice and orderly. Then your number is called and you move on to person #2 who looks over the paperwork, makes sure you’re going to get what you want, takes your number and passes you on to…the Photo Desk.

The Photo Desk is, as my dear husband would and did call it, a clusterfuck. I’m a patient person, a kind person, a fair person. And I was ready to choke someone today. I took my test, passed it btw only missed two, and had a seat to wait for them to call my name and get my picture/card. 15 minutes went by. People came and went, getting their ID, Permits, Licenses. Another 15 minutes passed. More people came and went. One of the three people at the Photo Desk went on break, another came back. And she, as the one lone data entry guy did everything, did nothing. So I went up and asked if I had gotten lost in the system. No, said data entry guy, I just got busy. He, a miserably slow typist anyway, finally goes back to entering data and the girl takes over what he’s doing. More people come and go, leaving quickly, happily. After ANOTHER 15 minutes, finally I get my name called, to be asked if I wanted my old picture…

*sigh* Eric was unhappy because it took an hour longer than his lunch. I was unhappy because there were just too many people. People set me on edge and exhaust me. It’s like all their energy just wears on me. But, it’s done. I got my permit and I have a year to learn the finner points of driving. And then it’s back to the DVM again…

What’s on my Desk

Green Bear — a bear made out of Christmas tree stuff. He didn’t fit in my storage boxes after my post-Christmas shopping, so he’s staying on the desk for now.

CableVision mug that I won in a raffle when I worked at UNL. It is filled with various pens, pencils, markers, a small pair of scissors, and a Beatles keychain.

Stacked pile of blank index cards, Small box of large paperclips, small box of small paper clips, Scotch tape.


Multi-tool thing that Eric’s dad insisted he take.

Steel pocket knife given to me by my dad.

Piece of blue-black tiger’s eye. It makes a good worry stone.

Mint Chapstick.

Liquid Paper.

Book — Daily Life in the World of Charlemange

Remotes for the TV, VRC, Stereo, CD player.

Two cork coasters. On one coaster is an empty glass mug from Showbiz Pizza Place. On the other coaster is a 3/4 empty can of Diet Mt. Dew. On the desk, no coaster, is a 1/2 full can of Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi.

19″ monitor.

Keyboard. On the keyboard, just above the number pad is a small stone turtle made of regular tiger’s eye. That is Herman.

Computer speakers. On top of the main speaker/bass thing is a foam rubber chicken also won at a work related function.

Mouse pad, black, with mouse.

Stack of empty ZIP disk cases.

Hot key sheet for Dungeon Keeper II.

Bills for BMG and Vanity Fair, unpaid.

Stack of ZIP disks.

Stack of papers and note books mostly pertaining to Maire with the occasional note about something related to my web pages of some facet of gaming.

Not having a spiffy day. The writing just isn’t there. I’m feeling totally muse-less. And getting up and doing other stuff isn’t helping because I just feel guilty for not being in front of the ‘puter. I got a load of laundry to hang up and I need to put some new sheets on the bed. I’ve been meaning to write a little here for nearly two hours.

Mom called earlier. Just to check up on me. My grandma called Saturday and told me that my cousin Kathy-Jo died of a brain tumor Friday. Kathy-Jo was 25 years old, my age. We weren’t close but we would exchange letters and e-mails occasionally. I’ve really had enough of death for a while. It needs to go back to the background where it waits.

Eric came home later for lunch too which didn’t help my rhythm for the day. But I was gald he did. I needed to destress for a little before I sat back down to what I consider writing. My head has been a bit messed up for the past couple days. What the heck’s wrong with me?


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