Writing Update, 9/27

Poking along with Wicked Witch, Retired. Lately, I've been splitting my time between writing WWR and doing a format and editing pass on Eric's PHYSIC series. Surprisingly, I've found that I like working on two projects at once, though I don't think I'd like *writing* on two separate projects. My intention was to finish the first draft  … Continue reading Writing Update, 9/27

Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week is a site-wide promotion at Smashwords to help authors connect with readers. According to the press package, the catalog includes nearly 40,000 books available for free or discount. That's a lot of reading materials and it includes books by Eric and me. Everyday Deals The first two books of the Apothic … Continue reading Read an E-Book Week

Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

So, what did the Writerly Writer do in 2013? I'm almost afraid to look. Model Species and The Apothic Man series Obviously, the big deal in the last couple months has been Eric and my decision to self publish some of our previous works. The kernel idea for Model Species and Weordan, the setting of … Continue reading Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

Insane and rising in my own weird way…

I have a week to get back into the swing of things before round 3 of RoW80, and I'm feeling better than I have in a while.I did some work on Divine Fire on Thursday and Friday. Not much, but it's some momentum.I also retrieved the rights to Lucinda at the Window. Its publication happened at … Continue reading Insane and rising in my own weird way…

Dream Sequence Blogfest

If I would have known about it earlier, I would have mentioned it in my previous post: Amalia T. is holding a Dream Sequence Blogfest. And, boy, do I have dream sequences!The following is an excerpt of Chapter 4 of Lucinda at the Window, which is currently on sale at Amazon.---###---The hill slopped gently away from … Continue reading Dream Sequence Blogfest

Home Again, Home Again

Returned to AZ on Sunday night. The flight was bumpy, but generally on-time and uneventful.For the first time in ages, I missed the Oscar awards. My plane didn't land until 8pm and by the time we retrieved my luggage and dinner, it was well past 9pm. Not that I could have seen the broadcast anyway. … Continue reading Home Again, Home Again


Thursday was a good day. Met up with Amy and Karen. I hadn't seen them in *ages*. It was great catching up if only for a brief lunch. We'll definitely have to do it again next year.Came home to find, through the magic of Facebook, that Kris Stamp (the hard-working proprietor of StoneGarden.net Publishing) had … Continue reading Rosebuds