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Keith linked this to my Facebook wall:

The Kindle Revolution | The Big Money

My response, since it was a little long for FB:

The publishing industry (like most industries, I suppose) has been very slow to change. Amazon.com alone has been a complicating factor to their distribution model since its inception, but changing the attitude of the consumer might be the bigger challenge.

Amazon changed music distribution as well, but the digitization of music has been a pretty painless process for most listeners. (Less so for the actual artists and labels.) Music buyers were already accustomed to changes in format. I alone have lived through vinyl, 8-track, cassette tape, CD, and digital download. In the last case, the change was made by the consumer and prompted the music industry to change.

In the land of book publishing, the consumers have been very reluctant to change formats. We’ve had the book for hundreds of years. I don’t know what the Kindle’s sales numbers are like, but in comparison to what (and how) the general public is buying, I’m guessing that its less than the hype would suggest. Regardless, the industry is creeping toward some changes. Whether they will be better or worse for the mid-list writer remains to be seen.

I kind of wonder how independent music artists are doing on their smaller labels and Amazon.com/iTunes downloads.


Speaking of independent music, I haven’t linked to any updates to Obscure Music Monday in a while. I took February off in an effort to catch-up. Which I didn’t.

I have the galley proof of Lucinda at the Window work on this week. Hopefully, that will consist of a quick read-through.

Fork Me.

Edits are done. At the moment, I’ve had two hours of sleep in the last 23 and am fried. I’m fairly convinced my editor has never worked with anyone as incompetent me and that this whole process has been an exercise in futility. That my novel sucks. ‘Course, I believe I’ve heard that by the end of the editing process many writers hate the novel they were working on. Lucinda at the Window is a claustrophobic novel and I feel like I’m going insane after combing through it twice in a month. That’s a sterling recommendation, huh? Pft.

Haven’t decided whether I want to sleep or work on waking up entirely before disc at 11:30. I’m leaning toward a shower, breakfast, and a chair-nap. Sunlight is helping this process.


Finished this on Sunday:
Book #29 – How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff

The examples in this book are woefully out-dated and How to Lie with Statistics might benefit from a revised and updated edition, but otherwise, this should be required reading. The internet is inundated with the ignorant and/or purposefully deceitful use of statistics. Chock-full, my friends. If I was Oprah-rich, this would be the book I’d give to my friends. Most of what Huff presents was not new to me, but the refresher was good.


Probably won’t make 30 books read this year. If my own books don’t count.  I’ll do a literary round-up when I’ve caught up on everything else I’ve ignored the last two days.

Waning Year

Been a quiet holiday. Eric and I aren’t big on the present exchange end of things, so Christmas was noted mainly through the lack of available food options. Subway has been had…twice. On Christmas Eve, we made it just before closing time. Watched Hancock via Netflix which was okay. If the writing had been a little tighter, it would have been an honestly good movie. As is, it had some fun bits and a few things that made me wince at its ham-handed nature. Subway II occurred on Friday when we aborted an attempt to eat at Chipotle. The line was past the door and Chipotle isn’t known for it’s lightning fast service.

Still haven’t gotten my brother’s gift in the mail. He’s not know for his packaging or addressing skills, so who knows where it might end up.

There’s been gaming of the online and tabletop varieties. Not enough of the latter in Eric’s opinion. Lots of reading and goofing on my part, not much exercise. The weather has been cold and rainy, and it’s been my hands and feet aching rather than my knee or some other joint.

Heard from my editor today. She’s bounced Lucinda back for a final edit with a deadline of early Wednesday. So, back to work for me tomorrow. Maybe even tonight, though I’m feeling poorly and am kinda looking forward to bed.

Alcohol, Writing & Science. That ’bout sums me up on any day.

A movie edition of OMM: Taking a look at Tarsem’s magical The Fall.


What did people do without the internet? For example I wanted to know:
WikiAnswers – How much ground cloves equals 1 whole clove
Presto, there’s the answer. And I needed to know because I’m trying out a hot buttered rum recipe. Characters in the Weordan books drink at every opportunity and have good reason for doing so. Alas, only I have experience in a small number of beers and vodkas. I need to broaden my alcoholic palette. I tried ouzo a while back which I’ve decided I rather like it as long as it’s cold and watered down. Maybe I should add a task to my list: Try 50 alcoholic beverages. Purely as a research exercise, of course.

Hot buttered rum? Eh. It’s hot. There’s rum. The butter aspect leaves my lips feeling moisturized, which I suppose if you’re drinking it on a cold winter night isn’t a bad effect.

Oh! Something I never got around to trying on Halloween week league night. Coconut rum and beer. I have a theory that, while coconut rum may not improve a beverage, it does not make a beverage worse. Since I conveniently have a Bud Lite that was left in my cooler after league finals, this is the perfect time to further test the theory. …And it’s…not bad. Fruity and malty. Better than Bud alone. It will be interesting to see where it will fall on the morning-after-effects scale.


Finished the first pass of edits yesterday. Now my editor will put it together, read it, decide that I still use too many theres, looks, somewhats, anys and actuallys, and send it back to me to be fixed a last time. (Oh.  There was a bit of anxiety upon writing that…)  The past week made me feel alternatingly like I improved as a writer as the book went on and that I am a hopeless n00b at the whole author thing.

I worked on and off since Monday of last week, and today feels like a Saturday. Sunday at the latest. And there’s no Wednesday disc tomorrow to ground me. Really, this whole month has felt off-kilter. It was that late Thanksgiving screwing everything up. Suddenly, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I managed to get gifts sent to people by sheer application of schedule. To make matters worse, we had Christmas with Mark & Co. on Saturday, so no help there at remembering what day it is.


Distorted Body Images: A Quick and Easy Way to Reduce Pain: Scientific American:

they measured the swelling of the fingers induced by the movements, and compared it with the unaffected hand. Sure enough, there was more inflammation following the movements when the participants saw a magnified view of their hands

I read a little about this previous to this article, but I didn’t realize that inflamation had been increased. That’s actual physiological reaction. Huh, I wonder what the results would be if the hand was hidden from sight. Or if the slight floaty sensation of intoxication would have any effect…though it’s not visual input.  I know my arthritic joints, any of them, fell better when I’ve had a beer.
[Edit: Didn’t realize that this article was written my the author of Neurophilosophy blog, one of my favorites.]

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Clue’ to sexes’ pain difference:

The Georgia State team found that, in the rat brain, females had a lower level of mu-opioid receptors in this part of the brain, suggesting that the potential potency of morphine is much reduced.

Additional tests suggested that the response to morphine varied depending on which part of the menstrual cycle the female rat was in.

“What this research is trying to do is understand the hormonal influences on pain in women.

Okay, I’m following that there are sex-based physiological differences. How are hormones affecting this? They can’t remove receptors, physically, from the nerve, right? Do the hormones have some blocking aspect, or do they up the sensitivity in other pain-receptive nerves? This study, as presented in this article, doesn’t address that.

In other news…

Editor sent part two of Lucinda edits on Monday and part three yesterday. Well, Tuesday. I’ve been working on that, excluding everything else, since then.

I have gone for walks with Eric when he needed a break from the paper he’s writing, and went to play Wednesday disc.

It was so good to play. I mean, just, excellent. I haven’t gotten much exercise since the weather has been rainy and hell on my joints. But today (er, yesterday) the clouds parted and disc was played. The ground was so nice and soft, but not overly muddy. There was a light wind that made throwing interesting.  During the first or second point Eric was covering me (!) and he D-ed a throw to me.  He slapped it instead of catching it and I tracked it down and remained in-bounds.  I think I manage one of those per year.  Running felt good, though I’m not sure I did much with it.  Caught one speedy inside out from Francisco for a score and left nail marks in the disc.  Completely needed stress relief.

I’ve bumped the second set of edits back and am working on the third.  I’m not currently stressed, but that probably has something to do with it being nearly 3am.  It might be time to sleep soon.

Surely the first of many similarly boring entries…

Edits of section #1 have been done and bounced back to my editor.  All good stuff.  I am somewhat unsure of how much notation I’m supposed to provide back about changes I’ve made.  I’m used to going back and forth with Eric until it’s all (mostly) good.

As I’ve mentioned in replies, I’m sort of wincing at the writer I was ten years ago.  My language was baroque and I was too much in love with punctuation.  It wasn’t until 2004 when I wrote Pas de Chat that I started being leaner with my writing.  I was writing on a schedule and didn’t have time to take reader on descriptive tours of nothing.

I’m also very appreciative of the timing.  It’s only been during this last summer that I’ve really come to see how much better a manuscript can become with editing.  In the past, I’ve seen editing as amputating limbs.  Now, it’s more like sculpting muscle from flab.  Eric gets most of the credit for that, I must say.

Well, unless I get the next section in my in-box in the next few minutes, I’m going to head up to the mall on a shopping errand.  I think My knees would like some movement.

Break’s over! Back on your head.

Back in mid-September of 2007, I received an offer from Stone Garden Publishing.net Publishing for my first book, Lucinda at the Window. After a couple of days of thinking it over, I signed the contract. And then, since publication was slated for 2009, put it out of my not-excited mind. I’ve become good at not worrying about things that are beyond my control. But as this year has been drawing to a close, it became obvious that I would need to contact them check up on Lucinda. Really, considering the state of the economy and its impact on the publishing industry, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Lucinda was on indefinite hold.  Such is life.  I procrastinate, so I slated contacting Stone Garden for after New Year’s. 

My not-worry and procrastination were tossed aside today by an editor from Stone Garden.  She’s gone over the first bit of Lucinda.  So begins the back and forth of editing, I guess.  I haven’t looked at any of her comments yet.  I’m not-excited, you see, and I refuse to be ruffled.  Or at least that’s the state of mind I’m trying to cultivate before looking at an editors comments of my first book.  I’m also bracing myself for the worst ("You want me to change WHAT???") and that may take a smidge longer.  Schedule-wise, this couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m taking a break from other projects and clearing up my to-dos.