Aleister Luck ~ The Playlists

Since it's promo weekend for Luck for Hire, I thought I'd share some of the music behind the Aleister Luck books. Aleister's particular way of influencing the universe is reliant on his not observing his surroundings too closely.  As it says on the cover, "MAGIC is the manipulation of what isn't or can't be OBSERVED." … Continue reading Aleister Luck ~ The Playlists

Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

So, what did the Writerly Writer do in 2013? I'm almost afraid to look. Model Species and The Apothic Man series Obviously, the big deal in the last couple months has been Eric and my decision to self publish some of our previous works. The kernel idea for Model Species and Weordan, the setting of … Continue reading Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

RoW80 – Februray 13th Check In

As I write this, Eric is out picking up dinner. Yes, I have avoided bologna sandwiches by meeting my 10K-a-fortnight goal. Chicken schnitzel cordon-bleu, rösti, coleslaw, marinated green beans, and tomato-basil salad will be eaten soon.Word counts:Wednesday: 1601Thursday: 202 - Things were looking grim. I knew what scene I needed to write, but got stuck … Continue reading RoW80 – Februray 13th Check In

RoW80 – January 26th Check In

Oh, Wednesday. I love you, but it's so hard to be productive. The afternoon whizzes by in a haze of ultimate frisbee, grocery shopping, and cooking. Monday: 1023Tuesday: 1219Luck for Hire is at 25,731 words.No cuts. Eric liked the last scene I was working on. 2841 to my Skirt Chaser hard goal. (It has been … Continue reading RoW80 – January 26th Check In

RoW30 – January 23rd Check In

After such a good Monday, the rest of the week was a struggle.Wednesday: 507, cut 76Thursday: 1164Friday: 0Saturday: 1104, cut 430I semi-purposefully took Friday off even though I was behind where I wanted to be. I needed a day to mull on the lasted plot bits, and Chris was in town and wanting to game. I … Continue reading RoW30 – January 23rd Check In

RoW80 – January 19th Check In

I thought yesterday was the 19th. I am continually amazed that it isn't March already. That seems to be my general mind-set lately.Luck for Hire is going well. Eric had some great scene ideas Sunday night. I blew through Monday, writing 1188 and getting caught up on my Model Species submissions. Tuesday wasn't quite as … Continue reading RoW80 – January 19th Check In

RoW80 – January 16th Check In

Plugging along.Started new scenes Wednesday and Thursday.Wednesday: 1071Thursday: 1004Friday: 433 new words, cut 381 Catch-up Saturday: 508For my first two weeks, I wrote 10,324 words; added 8005 to the manuscript. Luck for Hire is at 19,078 words.Didn't get done this week: writing flash or sending out submissions. I've also been pretty hermit-y since Tuesday. I did get … Continue reading RoW80 – January 16th Check In