Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week is a site-wide promotion at Smashwords to help authors connect with readers. According to the press package, the catalog includes nearly 40,000 books available for free or discount. That's a lot of reading materials and it includes books by Eric and me. Everyday Deals The first two books of the Apothic … Continue reading Read an E-Book Week

Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

So, what did the Writerly Writer do in 2013? I'm almost afraid to look. Model Species and The Apothic Man series Obviously, the big deal in the last couple months has been Eric and my decision to self publish some of our previous works. The kernel idea for Model Species and Weordan, the setting of … Continue reading Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ 2013 in Review

The Apothic Man Series

MODEL SPECIES Book #1 of The Apothic Man In Kenos, the city of enlightenment and innovation, a body with bizarre wounds is fished from the bay. On the case are a middling apothynom, Investigator Paulos Gaent, and a religious objector to apothynom rule, Clerk Teria Bellaphaerenous. At cross purposes, a private investigator, Laros Nero, is … Continue reading The Apothic Man Series

So, yeah… ( #amwriting )

Received a non-vague rejection from an agent yesterday. The upshot: my writing sample (in this case, the first five pages of Model Species) did not maintain the interest that, presumably, the query letter elicited. Which put Eric in "What can be improved?" mode. The advantage of Eric's "What can be improved?" attitude is that, well, things … Continue reading So, yeah… ( #amwriting )

Indefinite Progress

I love word counts. I love to quantify my progress. For the past several years, the only time a word count has worked for me is during November. Even then, I get annoyed with the lack editing when I spew out 35,000 words. I know intellectually that progress isn't just a number, but man, it's … Continue reading Indefinite Progress

Seriously, nothing to see here.

Quick Monday night update:Ran father than I have in ages. Despite creaky body.Realized there are no more Mikasa stores.Got lazy and took the day off. Two of my EQ2 characters now have cool swords for their walls.Watched Dead Presidents. (An oddly linear movie.)Received rejection #2 for Model Species.Talked Rifts v. 40K RPG. Going back to Rifts.I … Continue reading Seriously, nothing to see here.

Week One

It's not quite amusing when the phrase "let's get this up and running by the end of the week" is sent in a Thursday email. Regardless, registration for VOTS Spring League 2010 is up and running, assuredly including at least one completely confusing mistake.Last night, Eric and I had a back and forth about Zeta … Continue reading Week One