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Pulled apart my NaNo document:

Baeryard Plains: 18,041 words
This is probably the sketchy beginning of a novel. There are points that definitely need work, especially what goes on with the use of magic and the teachings of Treva. Probably not a good idea for these characters to be leaving in the winter, though it is somewhat illustrative of some of the magic.

Clera: 6,021
Character, and setting of industrial, walled magic city. Is Brynn one of those people that heads to the Lands of Fate and takes Clear with? Or is this simply gazetteer info.

Corlind: 3371
Character, and setting of trading town with the Plains. Gazetteer info.

Keir and Teague: 5467
Way off base with so much of this. I really like the characters though. Would be a good illustrative piece for the Plains justice system.

Moths: 3661
First bit needs reworking although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this trio of vignettes. Except read them whenever I need a chuckle.

Riva: 4162
Total junk. Yup, 4162 junk words… Well, I can salvage the names at least.

Savannahs: 9412
Good stuff though it needs some work. Savannahs and Riva are connected and these might be the basis of a novel completely separate from the quadrilogy that Eric and I have discussed. Or, is this something that the group from the Plain has to deal with as they cross the savannahs?

So, I’m back to 4125 a week, where to start with the rewrite?

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Woot! Woot!

50K in the bag! *happy dances*

I should of finished up last night because I didn’t sleep well at all. Finally decided to just get up and do it.


On the downside, Eric has informed me that if I can write 50K in a month my days of less then 3125 a week are over. It’s for the best…

If you would have asked me on Sunday whether NaNo was a good thing, I would have said no. For the last week, it has been sucking the fun out of just about everything. How could I possibly be doing activity x when I had only written 500 words for the day? But today, it’s good.

I’m taking the rest of the week off. Which means I’ll try to get Lucinda back in the mail at least and maybe finally finish and post Pecos. On the nonwriting front, there’s Christmas decorating to be done, and my brother’s band page to update, emails to answer. And warm baths, and books to read, and Morrowind.

I need to go to Target today and get a new set of tree lights. That’s a bit of a drag considering that it’s cold and I have to take a bus. I’m seriously considering using a set of icicle lights.
And laundry.
We have 6 pm frisbee games, the last of the season. Finals are Saturday.

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Well, my immediate surroundings are cleaned up. I just can’t look to the right or look down when I turn to the left. This will have to be satisfactory for today. I went shopping at Target today and picked up some iron “Halloween” decorations. My living room is now slightly transformed and I bought a lantern to keep on my desk. I like having a small light on my desk. Especially in the winter time when I write at night more often.

Yes, I’ve decided to try NaNoWriMo this year. After WFC this weekend, Eric and I are invigorated. He did quite a bit of work over the weekend and I’m going to try and churn out 50K of background “stuff” over the next month. It will probably be more like a set of connected short stories, but that can be a novel. Eric counted 22 “working” days in November. That evens out to about 2275 per day. And I have done 0 thus far.

The Con was good. We took in a lot of panels, mulled ideas, weren’t very social, and came home Sunday exhausted.

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Eric put forth the following: Work on the gaming/fantasy novel world for the next three months or so? Definitely not a bad idea. We had a good conversation about it, hopefully there will be more. I’d love to see my ‘Egyptian’ girl show up in this some way. Lots of ideas spinning around.

I need to finish up Pecos. Next week I’ll probably try to get some things organized for WFC. Though it is fall I think I need to place some goals. Just hard. I’m hesitant about Pecos. It’s a slightly different realm from what I’ve been doing. Even for web publication, I’d like it to be good, better than the hook-line-sinkers that I usually find. Anyway… I’m kind of excited. I just need to sit down and work again.