Team pic of us Monkeys. What a motley lot. I don't remember what I found so funny... For some reason, I can't get the hang of Scrapbook now that they've made it better. I need to get to work. I'm still so tired and lazy.

Well... We lost last night. 11-15. Unstoppable Hucking Technique was pretty darn good. We played well, not our best, but not terribly. It wasn't enough. They were athletic and they certainly out-handled us. Gosh, especially their ladies. I should take down their names now because I'd draft any of them. Disappointing, but still it was … Continue reading

We won last night! We're going to Finals! Heh, and they said we'd self-destruct. And I really hope we win, just to show 'em what a team from the weaker pool can do. I'm so proud of this team. I don't think I've actually been on a league team that improved over the course of … Continue reading

I dreamt last night that I had a layout D in our game tonight. I also dreamt that we went to Hailey's birthday party and she was very well-behaved. Make of those two dreams what you will. This week is nuts with league finals, Nebula weekend, and a birthday party. I don't know what to … Continue reading

Want potato chips. Mmm, salt. I guess I'll settle for some cashews and a banana. We won all three games Saturday. Yay! Won by very nice margins too. Tom flew back early, unexpectedly. Eric and I were schlepping to the far fields when I looked over my shoulder and there was Tom. I did an … Continue reading

You know what would help my writing productivity? A wider monitor so I can do side by side edits. Yeah, that's the ticket...Link o' the day:Association of Renaissance Martial Arts which seems to include pre-Renaissance information too.Also, I was going to post some run-downs on this year's Nebula short work nominees, but really, I'll be … Continue reading

Mushy, mushy brain. I need to pick something to work on. Yug. Just pick something, Katherine, and go with it. We won our final regular season game, so we're going into playoffs with one loss and a good point differential. That should put us in a decent pool...I guess. Listen to me writing like I … Continue reading