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Over 500 words on a Gaent/Della scene that isn’t finished yet, and 200 on an Alcander bit that Eric liked. Happy day. Did some prewriting for both those scenes. Plus a few other little things.

Did lots of housework while avoiding/mulling. And laundry too.

So, it was a kind of productive Monday.

I’m itching to play disc tomorrow. It will be the last game of the regular season. I game that would really be advisable for us to win if we want good seeding. Hope my good play holds out.

And we might have a new player/players for our gaming group. Some guy here in Tempe contacted me through MySpace. We’ll see how it works out. I need to email him about a few things still. This may mark the first time I’ve met someone in real life that only knows me online. Usually, it’s the other way. People meet shy Katherine before being emailed by less shy Katherine. It’s an amusing little mask I wear here.

Speaking of people who actually know me, I really should email Andy.

I didn’t update yesterday. Just didn’t get around to it.

Eric and I had a knock-down-drag-out about the book Monday night, concerning my progress. My snail-pace progress. I never get going when rewriting like I do when I write. When I write, the first hour might be painful, but then I get into it and the words come rolling out. Usually. When rewriting, there’s very little opportunity for me to get rolling. It’s a sentence here, thirty minutes of work on a scene there, and then move on to the next sentence way over in the next county. When writing, I can start at eight at night and get 1200-1500 words done by midnight. When rewriting, I start at eight and get very little done. The proposed solution? Just keep the doc open and work on it all day with breaks when I get “stuck”. My word output yesterday was double what it has been lately, and I didn’t work yesterday evening due to disc. We’ll see, I guess.

Disc last night was alright. We won and even won the second half which is something we’ve been having trouble with. Personally, I had a pretty good night. I actually got the disc a few times and only had one turnover on a throw. And I finally scored a point this season. Yay! I guess the penultimate game of the regular season is better than nothing. All in all, I’ve been playing pretty well these last two week. I hope I can keep it up through playoffs.

With the addition of the new scene, Model Species is over 100K. I figured it would be. Still a bit to cut (probably) and still a bit to add (definitely).

A possibly tough game coming up tonight for UMW. We’ll see how much three weeks of goofing has hurt us.

Ooo, more userpics. Kewl.

Working slowly. Tossing ideas around for the last couple of full scenes that need to be added to Model Species. 100 pages or so left to the read through. I need to get more submissions out at some point. Hesitation, procrastination.

And hey, since there has been rain, it’s time for a new counter…

Model Species read through:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
403 / 510

Disc has been going alright. Urban Monkey Warfare has been winning, and I’ve actually been in okay health lately. That makes me happy

I think I need a Red Bull…

I’m nervous and excited and I’m finding it hard to do anything. Watch, we’ll get rained out. I don’t even want to contemplate losing the game. It’s going to be ‘breezy’ if not rainy and that might make things interesting. *bounce, bounce*

Writing: Reading through, fixing. Still working on it.

Exercise: Short run.

Food: Cheese pizza, kippers on crackers, Skinny Cow, chicken enchiladas w/beans & rice, half a granola bar pack, milk.

Other: Dishes, tidying.

Fun: Picking my way through free mp3s.

Tomorrow is the first night of league. The usual excitement is heightened. I wonder if I shouldn’t have a beer before I take the bus down to Benedict. Otherwise, I might be too excited. Bought beer tonight for post game. I was sad to see that Safeway doesn’t carry Kaliber any longer. There’s getting to Benedict rather than TSC, and getting shirts and cones and whatnot from Laurie. And seeing the team Eric and I have assembled. *bounce, bounce* And wouldn’t you know it, 30% chance of rain tomorrow night!

Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
132 / 365

My first league draft was less painful than I expected it to be. All in all I think Eric and I put together a pretty good team. A fast team at very least. He managed to get Tom first round, three of the young guys that play at Intel, and the Tyler that’s been showing up to FreeDisc from Microchip. After that it was all shots in the dark on the male side. Though I picked fifth, I got Nicole and Jennie. Yes, I didn’t expect I’d pick Jennie, but I didn’t she was the best choice at the time. Our first game is Tuesday. This will be interesting…

The question is…will any game be rained out this season?
Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
128 / 365