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#RoW80 Check In, General Notes

#RoW80 progress:

I expected the first week to be a bit slow. How Not To Write had a post a while back on returning to writing. Good advice, I’d say, even if I haven’t been following it to the letter.

This past week:

  • I rewrote the gambling scene, changing the game of choice from blackjack to roulette.
  • We’ve kind of finally decided on what sort of interstitial bit properly shows off Aleister’s luck. We had thought about news-report-style epigraphs (but I can’t write journalistically to save my life) or iterations of Aleister’s decisions. Instead, I’m writing bits showing how Aleister’s actions affect other characters, often very minor characters. I wrote/rewrote about three scenes in this manner. Not sure how it’ll work on a large scale. Eric’s only comment thus far was on the details of one scene, not on whether it works.
  • Submitted 4 queries/short works. Got a rejection on one Friday, so that’s a slam-dunk #5 for this week.

I wanted to get though a fifth of the novel, but only got through about a tenth.

This week:

  • 20 hours of work on Luck for Hire
    • Continue adding scenes/doing rewrites on certain scenes where applicable.
    • I’m getting to the point in the novel where I need to start paying attention to my things-to-be fixed notecards.
    • Shoot for getting through a fifth of the book.
  • Tessa sent me preliminary artwork for Lucinda at the Window‘s new cover. I at least need to write a new blurb this week and start doing sone ebook research.

I meant to do a non-writing post Friday and didn’t get to it.

I posted some thoughts on Let Me In and Let the Right One In over at Taming of the Queue. Haven’t gotten much reading done lately.

Tess has sent me the art (or at least some of the art) she wants included on her website. I need to get moving on that.

Wednesday disc has gone on hiatus. Sadness. But it will set us up for a triumphant return in September. In the meantime, we’re gearing up, slowly, for fall league. Keith will be running a small coed league in August in Scottsdale. Laura is hosting a Women in Ultimate forum Monday night and has asked my to talk about leagues. I haven’t done any public speaking since senior year in high school.

With the lack of ulti, I need to make a concerted effort to get more exercise. I didn’t exercise at all this past week. Of course, I haven’t been eating much either. Or sleeping much. I weighed in this morning and found that I was below 125 for the fist time in three months.

Summer Habits

As happens in the summer, when I’m aching for a change of pace, I’ve created a new blog: The Taming of the Queue. The conceit: documenting my attempt to clean out my Netflix queue, with the occasional review. Now, I do not need another blog. I will probably can it within a year when I have better things to do.

Eric and I have talked about Luck for Hire. I’ll have a kinda-sorta goal-run-down RoW80 post some time later, probably Sunday. I’ve been working somewhat on Divine Fire. I mulled/procrastinated yesterday. Need to write today. Started using Duotrope on Monday. I had occasionally used it for market info, but I signed up for the tracking aspect since I’ve been subbing more short works lately.

No morning/lunch Freescale disc today, which makes me sad. ‘Course, my hands do feel like they belong to an 80-year-old today, so that might be for the best. Maybe we’ll go out to Intel disc tonight.