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So, NaNo is kaput. I just couldn’t get myself working on it over the weekend. I fell into a bit of melancholy Friday and it lingered. What we did do over the weekend was get a new GURPS campaign going, just me and Eric. I hope it will last a while. I’m excited. I believe Eric is excited. It’s been a while since we’ve had an every weekend campaign. I guess gaming might seem trivial in light of writing, but it’s an absence that’s really been felt lately.

And then there is the rewrite factor. Layers added. Bits subtracted. We don’t do a ‘first’ draft, getting an inferior version of the story down, quick and dirty. We don’t outline, blocking out a story and making all of it fit the structure. We write and the first scenes, the first 20K, gets Eric thinking about how we’ve started, where it’s going, what the story will need. And then the changes start. Everything already written is fair game. It’s scary. It’s its own brand of messy.

Well, at least that’s how the last book was, and so far this one. *shrug*

What I want to continue doing is writing with some discipline, a good number of words per day. I’ve started a new way of logging things that need to be changed. I write them on 3x5s and sort through what needs to be done. Toss those cards when the changes are done. We’ll see how long that works.

So. I’ve done 500 words today, and I need to do some chapter juggling and then see where I get writing.
I got rid of the Halloween decor and put up some Christmas stuff. (I want a new tree!) I need to do the two loads of laundry that have been sitting since…well, too long.
That’s the plan from now until Eric gets home.

Edit: Chapters juggled, scene chopped. I’m now at -585 words for the day. Yay!

I’m going through post-league withdrawal. It’s never long enough. Eric and I are thinking about captaining next season. We’ll see.

But today, feeling *very* anti-social.

Behind on NaNo, surprise, surprise. We’ve decided that it’s better to get 30K of relatively clean words. Today, I know what I have to do, but I doubt my skill at actually getting it done. And I’m lazy. I wish it were done and I could leisurely do some apartment cleaning and play a little EQ. But no. I really should get to work.

Edit: Eric just called. His advice: “You have Red Bull, you can do it.” Fewer true word have been uttered.


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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I’m surprised I didn’t come up hobbit. But I don’t think there were enough food questions…

Hit 20K last night. Yay! Which means I’m 5K behind. Boo!

And for the second NaNo in a row, I have killed off Teeg…

I need some Jill Tracy. There’s two of her songs available for free download at amazon.com, but I want more. She’s the perfect transition from swing-mood to goth-mood.

Oh, and a new Enya album coming out soon too.

I actually worked today.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,144 / 50,000

If I write at least 2000 a day from here on out, I’ll still make NaNo.

Strange dreams last night/this morning that have stayed with me all day. Something concerning a haunted hotel. Not very original mind you, but it was an inhabited haunted hotel. There was alot of people from disc there. Strangely, no one seemed to mind the really bizarre and sometimes horrible things that were going on. And midway through the dream everyone was dressed in Edwardian fashions. Or not dressed at all…

Now for a bit of gaming.

Well, I’ll be going to league semis and finals Thursday. Because I’ll be playing. 😀 We won all three of our games today. Somehow, I don’t know how. In the nine leagues I’ve played in, this is the first time I’ll be heading to semis. We played zone D all day and it worked for us. Personally, I did alright. I caught a couple of scores, threw one, and got handblock on Trevor (which Sara picked up and threw to me for one of my scores). It’s all very cool, very exciting, but did it have to be during NaNo? Okay, I can’t whine too much. After reaching 15K yesterday, I took the night off, and I took today off as well. I need to work harder during the week in general, so I value time away from work more. I didn’t have to DM last night, but it’s good to game a bit and make use of my EverQuest subscription.

In sad frisbee news, Tim died this morning. His cancer showed up again less than a month ago and this time it didn’t go so well. I didn’t realize it was that bad. I’m glad I got to see him play in this past year, and play with him. He’s proof that there’s no reason to become inert as you age. His son, Ryan, played today because as he put it, “What would Dad have wanted to do today? He would have been right here.”

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,814 / 50,000

November isn’t the month *I* would have chosen for NaNo. There was WFC last week. There was disc last night (basically cutting my work day off at 4 pm), and league finals tomorrow. There’s league finals next Thursday, but I might actually miss them unless I’m personally *in* them. (That’s unlikely since we play Eric’s team first tomorrow.) And then there’s gaming tonight. I’m DMing Rifts.

But, working this hard (hard for me) feels good. I spent yesterday and Wednesday doing some rewrites on the first 10K. It’s going well, I think. There is a chunk I have to cut this morning and then rewrite the end of that scene. My spreadsheet informs me that I should write at least 1771 today.

Other things to do today:
a load of laundry
tidying (including dumping the cooler of beer/empties from disc last night)