So, NaNo is kaput. I just couldn't get myself working on it over the weekend. I fell into a bit of melancholy Friday and it lingered. What we did do over the weekend was get a new GURPS campaign going, just me and Eric. I hope it will last a while. I'm excited. I believe … Continue reading

I'm going through post-league withdrawal. It's never long enough. Eric and I are thinking about captaining next season. We'll see. But today, feeling *very* anti-social. Behind on NaNo, surprise, surprise. We've decided that it's better to get 30K of relatively clean words. Today, I know what I have to do, but I doubt my skill … Continue reading

Numenorean To which race of Middle Earth do you belong? brought to you by Quizilla I'm surprised I didn't come up hobbit. But I don't think there were enough food questions... Hit 20K last night. Yay! Which means I'm 5K behind. Boo!

And for the second NaNo in a row, I have killed off Teeg... I need some Jill Tracy. There's two of her songs available for free download at, but I want more. She's the perfect transition from swing-mood to goth-mood. Oh, and a new Enya album coming out soon too.

I actually worked today. 17,144 / 50,000(34.3%) If I write at least 2000 a day from here on out, I'll still make NaNo. Strange dreams last night/this morning that have stayed with me all day. Something concerning a haunted hotel. Not very original mind you, but it was an inhabited haunted hotel. There was alot … Continue reading

Well, I'll be going to league semis and finals Thursday. Because I'll be playing. 😀 We won all three of our games today. Somehow, I don't know how. In the nine leagues I've played in, this is the first time I'll be heading to semis. We played zone D all day and it worked for … Continue reading

12,814 / 50,000(25.6%) November isn't the month *I* would have chosen for NaNo. There was WFC last week. There was disc last night (basically cutting my work day off at 4 pm), and league finals tomorrow. There's league finals next Thursday, but I might actually miss them unless I'm personally *in* them. (That's unlikely since … Continue reading