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"Won" NaNoWriMo today (well, yesterday, I guess, but I haven’t been to sleep yet). The official count is 50,215. As is, Fuel Eaters is not a complete rough draft. I skipped the end battle. It will get written, but not this month. Besides, my action scenes aren’t exactly as they should be and writing another one is slightly useless.

It didn’t seem as painful this time, and the finished product might be more useful than what I wrote back in 2004. I’d like to think that in four years I’ve gotten better at this writing thing. Probably isn’t true. Regardless, me with a big head is a dangerous thing that should generally be avoided. What else has November reaped? Gained a couple extra pounds due to the chocolate and Atomic Fireballs that have gotten me through the month. Haven’t actually been exercising much either this month despite league finals. I’ve also had a couple of extra migraines due to the increased coffee and energy drinks. In all, not a bad month.

The question now is: what am I going to do in December? Rather, how am I going to over-book December? There is, obviously, the Christmas things to do. Decorating, cards, online shopping, and otherwise avoiding crowded stores. I’m also going to make a run at clearing a few things off my 101 list. Like try and finish reading seven more books by the end of the year. That’s a bit steep, but we’ll see. Need to catch up on a few things for VOTS that have gone undone this past week. Need to give the apartment a good mucking out as well. And of course, there’s will be some gaming and some goofing off. I might even get back to writing after Eric is done with classes and we can decide what needs to be worked on most next. Model Species is very close to being done, Divine Fire still needs a proper ending, and Fuel Eater is going to definitely need work (work that I’m currently out of my mind enough to look forward to).

It occurred to be today as we were walking to get lunch that I am somewhat happy at the moment.  I’m sure it will lead to no good.

So much to say, so much to say, so much to say…

I started a grand sum-up of my weekend yesterday and ran out of energy. Here it is, more concise:

Friday night: Chris in town!

  • Eric and I had dinner at Outback with Chris, AJ (who we hadn’t seen in ages), Chris’ brother Joey, Jeff and Andy (the designated driver). They had been drinking a while since Chris and AJ had both celebrated their 21st birthdays while Chris was away.
  • Adjourned to Cadillac Ranch where mechanical bull riding occurred. Only Andy and I were smart enough to dodge that mangy bullet.
  • Stopped briefly at San Felipe’s where we lost AJ to the array of possibly single girls.
  • Headed to Joey’s where Chris was staying and played Rock Band. It was more fun than expected, though I fairly sucked at it.

Saturday: League Finals!

  • Fairly easy game against the four seed in our pool.
  • Lost against the uber-stacked and tight-playing one seed headed up by Nate. Nate’s team went on to WIN IT ALL! Not surprising to Eric or me.
  • Played well enough though I was out-hustled by Genevieve in the second game.
  • Stuck around to watch semis and finals and chat with people until finals were moved to Tempe Sports Complex.
  • Eric went to a BBQ for Chris. I knew I’d be pretty much beat socially at that point and stayed home. Pretty much fell asleep at 8:30pm

Sunday & Monday: Down with the Sickness…

  • Slowly realized that it wasn’t just my sinus acting up due to a day outdoors and I was indeed sick.
  • Wrote a little.
  • We made dinner for Chris and AJ.
  • Had restless night made worse by Eric’s flailing limbs. Sustained kick to right upper arm while getting out of bed during a period of insomnia.

Which brings me up to about now. I have 7,354 words to go on my NaNo. Eric’s parents are coming into town tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy week and really don’t want to be sick.

There was much rejoicing.

Hit the halfway point on my NaNoWriMo novel.   So far so good.  I pretty much took the day off yesterday because I needed to let a few situations simmer.  I was also somewhat stressed out by the list of other things that needed doing, but that’s been relieved by (un)gracefully bowing out of a few things and delegating a few other things. Currently, everything is shiny.

We won our last regular season league game last night.  There was perhaps some weak defense being played by the other team, but I think we had fewer mistakes in general.  Hopefully, that’s something to take into playoffs next week.  On the flip side, winning that game put us in third place among the Tuesday teams and put us in the pool which will inevitably be headed by Nate’s team.  They may be the team that will win league, described of late by Eric as "that buzz saw."  We also have to face Keith’s team again next week.  They beat us in the regular season by one and was the most taxing game I played all season.  Personal level: I was savage again last night, this time with Katie.  I played better than I have been, but I’m still playing timid.  Tom chided me for not making the swing cuts and he was right to do so.

Disc today was relaxed and good.  After I got my back warmed up, I moved pretty well for someone who had played 24 points the night before.  It’s beginning to get too cold for my taste at night, so Wednesdays in the sun are nice.   My knee has been good.  I’ve been running again lately and went to the community center to row on Monday.  They’ve acquired new equipment including a leg press that I tried out.  I’ll probably do the same tomorrow or Friday.

Words. Words. Words.

The weekend didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. I had pretty heavily over-caffeinated by Friday and felt like crap. It’s a fine line between keeping the caffeine induced migraines at bay (by using caffeine) and becoming too dehydrated and sleep-interrupted. I’ve also noticed that to have a 2500 word day, I can’t take mornings off. I need to get 800-1200 in before lunch to have chance. I hit 20K yesterday. That makes 40% of my writing done with 33% of the month gone.

Of interest in light of NaNoWriMo:
Writing: Write or Die Makes Sure You Keep Churning Out Words

Been enjoying MTV Music, but I really wish they had a playlist feature. And many more videos.

For the ASU kid:
Is Chronic Inflammation the Key to Unlocking the Mysteries of Cancer?: Scientific American

And this is the sort of thing that makes me lean toward libertarianism:
Bake Sales Fall Victim to Push for Healthier Foods – NYTimes.com
Honestly, junk food probably shouldn’t have ever been let into schools. There is a level of stewardship that schools should maintain in regards to the children that attend those schools. Provide them with healthy lunch options. Lunch options that taste good and student might eat is a plus, but providing vending machines probably isn’t a great idea. I imagine that vending machines and a la carte deserts were meant to please kids and add some revenue to the school’s lunch programs. But I don’t see this as a genie that can’t be rebottled. Remove vending machines and, as a school, only sell kids the foods you want to see them eating. What kids bring in is their own business (and the business of their parents) and the odd bake sale isn’t going to ruin anyone. It might actually be possible to have rules *and* common sense.

Stupid giraffe…

That which the ASU kid might find interesting:
Sunlight has more powerful influence on ocean circulation and climate than North American ice sheets

That which is behind the annoying “Migraines Cut Breast Cancer Risk by 30%” headline:
Science-Based Medicine » Breast cancer and migraines–what is risk, anyway?

And that which is the last you’ll hear of politics from me for probably another four years or so (unless someone does something stupid, really stupid): Election maps

Had an interesting conversation with Eric about this:
Intentional Action and Asperger Syndrome | Psychology Today Blogs
I viewed the intentions of Joe in the Aspergerian light, but not because I have Asperger syndrome. (Well, I probably don’t have Asperger syndrome. If I do, I’m ‘girly’ enough to make it work for me…) More likely, I’m just too literal-minded, especially when it comes to reading fictional “probes.” This could be why I generally hate reading allegories and satires. It is also possible that the inclusion of food and drink skewed my thought process. If I am modeling Joe’s behavior, it is after my own in a similar situation. If you’ve ever been in a mall and really thirsty, you don’t really care if the smoothie comes in a spiffy cup, costs a dollar more, or requires a Faustian contract. To me, Joe wanted a Mega-Smoothie and that was all there was to it.

Speaking of being thirsty:
Rice students hope BioBeer can fight disease – USATODAY.com:

BioBeer — a more consumer-friendly name than the original Frankenbeer moniker — will be brewed using yeast genetically modified to produce resveratrol.

While I’ll be inclined to try this product anyway, if it ever hits the shelves, I would gleefully purchase it if it were called Frankenbeer.

And speaking of reading:
Book #21 – The Kidnapper by Robert Bloch: Books
I had heard so many good things about this book. That it was suspenseful and stomach-churning. That it was the book that Robert Bloch found to be his most disturbing. This from the man who gave us Psycho! I was pretty happy when I nabbed a copy at Bookmans. Now I could see what everyone was going on about! And…I just don’t get it. I feel like a kid that’s been told by all her uncles, aunts, and cousins that there’s a giraffe in the closet only to find out that there is no giraffe and that everyone was in on the joke. (No, that’s not based on a true story, but it is the sort of thing my extended family would do.) Maybe this is just a case of having encountered better in other books and other mediums and not being able to appreciate what Bloch wrought. But even on a technical level, I found the writing to be fairly mundane.

My own writing is going along.  I’m a day and a half ahead of where I should be for a 1667 pace.  Couldn’t get going yesterday, but I hope for a better today.

Absurd. Absurd is the word.

I learn something new everyday.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Pale Horse

The fourth horseman, on the pale horse, (which may be the source of the notion of “pestilence” as a separate horseman) is explicitly named Death.

The Greek word interpreted here as “pale” is elsewhere in the New Testament translated as “paisley.”

Death. On a paisley horse.

Yesterday, I learned that there is canned bread:
Flak Magazine: B&M Canned Bread
Saw it at Albertson’s, but alas they only had canned bread with raisins or I might have bought some.

Yeah, I didn’t get much done yesterday.

Disc was good. Dave had made a comment in an email about my team (on Wednesdays) doing better when I handled. I doubt this is true since Dave has a tendency to recall the best of people, but it may have been moderately proven yesterday. ‘Course it might have just been the case that we had the better team. I had a nice put or two, I guess. I wished I’d calm down and do that in a league game.

Got into a black mood during grocery shopping. Came home, ate lunch, napped, went to dinner. The cloud over my head was the thought of Eric reading the first 10K of Fuel Eaters. Criticism is the enemy of fast writing, yet it seems stupid to write stupidly. That may only make sense to me.  Well, Eric finally read.  He was encouraging, without being overly positive.  It is a well known fact that when I start thinking that I’m doing well, I do much, much worse.  But, honestly, I displayed a tremendous lack of faith in Eric’s ability to keep me going on this.  My bad.  I never did get into a good writing mood and tossed off 1200 at about 11pm.  The plan for today is to get back to 2500. I hit the 12K mark this morning.

Considering that the cortical spreading depression of my migraines manifests in a somewhat paisley shape, Death riding on a paisley horse now seems fairly reasonable…

Absolute power is a sticky wicket.

Taking the morning off from writing.  Probably not a good idea because by the time I get back from disc and grocery shopping and have eaten lunch it will be about 3pm.  But I just need a little time away from the rush of words.

We lost our game last night by one point.  Not too bad considering that we were down by four or five earlier.  Thankfully, I did not actively harm my team with my play.  Didn’t do anything particularly good either.  *shrug*  I feel very slow lately, like I’m running through waist-high water.    At least I’m not in a crappy mood heading out to Wednesday disc.

GenderAnalyzer – Determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman
I’ve played around with such before, but I never thought about trying it out on sites other than my journal.
Surprisingly, it ‘thinks’ that my journal was written by a man.  My first thought was that maybe that was due to my quoting other articles, but there are quite a few entries on the front page that are entirely Katherine text.  It also finds that Entangled Continua was written by a  man, though there is very little text there.  Thankfully, it finds that the Model Species excerpt was written by a woman and Eric’s blog was written by a man.

Included to point it out to the ASU kid:
Five Ways Brain Scans Mislead Us: Scientific American

Via ZOMG, Candy! who found it via Candy Yum Yum!:

An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain.