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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Prep Post #1

Publicly declaring goals is often not a good thing for me (no, really), but I do like making lists of things that I need/want to get done. This is that.

Things to get done before Nov. 1st:

  • Finish a draft of Wicked Witch, Retired. I’m talking a super rough draft. A NaNoWriMo level of quality of draft.
  • Finish reading/editing/formatting pass on Eric’s SUPErViLLaINS.
  • Read through my Abbott notes. Maybe have an idea for the third story.

And if you want to find me at the NaNo site, I’m katen.

July 2017 Writing Wrap-Up


I had a secret July writing goal: Camp NaNoWriMo, 15,000 words.

Back in June, I thought adding 15K to Wicked Witch, Retired was a wild stretch goal. I decided that if I managed 10K, I’d be pretty happy. With the con and nationals (and Sundays off), I had 20 work days in July. I knew I’d be formatting/rereading some of Eric’s books too. Adding 10,000 words, that was going to be work. And then WesterCon happened and I left behind what had been dragging on me.

I added 15,428 words to WWR and rewrote 11,286 words.


Primarily, more of the above.

I’m also going to try my hand #FlashFicHive. It’s a bi-monthly Twitter-based flash fiction workshop. I used to write more flash fiction and I’d like to again. My only worry is that FlashFicHive is going to be a bit too social. The eternal conundrum of an introvert: the want to participate…but only a little.

NaNo Progress Report #4

November is less National Novel Writing Month and more National Crappy First Draft Writing Month. NaCraDraWriMo. I think I like it.

I have 16,200 words left to write in 8 days. Most of my writing days this month have been 2000 word days, but I’ve not managed more than four 2000 words days in a row. After fumbling around, I do have some idea of where I’m going, kinda sorta. “Winning” NaNoWriMo isn’t impossible; it is unlikely.

Not much to say about this week. Couldn’t get anything going Monday. I finally got the boxes of my grandparent’s stuff that I packed when I was in Omaha. Spent the evening morose and manic, cleaning and putting stuff away. Recovered with a 3000 word day. Yesterday was too much of a holiday. I did get a few words written, but couldn’t muster the motivation to get much done before heading up to Mark & Tricia’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

NaNo Progress Report #3

My progress calendar has become quite colorful.

The beginning of a novel is the easy part. A nice “hooking” incident, introduce characters, introduce setting, introduce some problems that characters need to deal with. It’s an easy 15-20K words. In the case of this book, 15K. Since last Thursday, I’ve been floundering around a bit. I know where I want this story to end, but getting there is, well, a journey. Usually, I would have Eric read, we’d talk, he’d solve my plot problems. In this case, I’m stubbornly going it alone, at least until the end of November.

I had planned on taking last Saturday off due to fall frisbee league finals. I ended up not getting started until late Friday night and figured, Hey, I have Saturday as padding. I wrote the majority of “Friday”‘s 1200 words on Saturday morning, between midnight and 3am. On Sunday, I was feeling the aftereffects of Saturday. While I only played two games, they were probably the most painful ultimate I’ve played in a while. A weather system pushed through AZ on Fri-Sun and left me pretty achy. On Monday, I wrote 2400 words and was just a little behind my goal and right on the NaNoWriMo pace of 20K.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday happened. No one’s fault but my own. On Tuesday, EverQuest 2 launched their latest expansion and I partook. Wednesday, I spent taking care of the VOTS site. I finished up fall finals updates and set up registrations for New Year Fest and winter leagues. Some of that I’d been putting off a bit, but mostly it was the deluge of information that I was finally given in order to get things going. I wrote ZERO words on both days. I’d like to say I was giving my brain time to work through plot problems. That’s only slightly true.

I managed 2300 words Thursday and 2000 yesterday. The NaNo site says I need 1830 words per day to finish on time, so all hope is not lost. Trend I’ve noticed: While I’ve been doing most of my writing at night between 8pm-1am, I don’t pull a 2000+ number unless I get some done during the day. Getting 500 before noon, for example. Which I’m going to go do right now.

NaNo Progress Report #2

It’s been a decent first week.

I wrote 2000+ words on six of the eight days. The widget at right shows how many days I’ve written 1667, which is the daily NaNo standard for finishing by Nov. 30th. My standard is 1852, which gives me three days off during the month. I only fell beneath 1667 once, on Monday (1207 words).  I’ve been writing in the evening for the most part, but I could not get anything going on Monday and didn’t get started until 9pm. I stayed up and wrote Tuesday’s first 1000 after midnight. Considering that I had league on Tuesday night, I thought it would be my short day.

Current word count is 15,419. That’s slightly above today’s NaNo standard and 1250 behind my standard.

Story-wise, things are going alright. I’m at the end of the first part of the story. I’ll need to do a little research this afternoon about the next bit. I’ll probably flounder around a little until I puzzle out the details. Eric read a couple nights ago, but I made it clear that I didn’t really want to talk about the story. He’s held his comments to the positive aside from noting that it’s full of typos.

Haven’t felt like reading/blogging at all. I did finish up Dark Water and should have a review of that next week. I’ll also have a run down of the huge pile of loot I won from the Bloggers Dressed in Blood blog hop. It’s epic. Today, we’re planning on seeing Skyfall. Tomorrow is ultimate frisbee league finals from 10am until 6pm-ish. Eric’s team looks good to go to semis, maybe finals. Even though it’s going to be “cold” tomorrow, I’ll probably end up playing, drinking, and socializing long enough to be exhausted by the time we get home. I have 0 words planned for tomorrow.

NaNoWriMo 2012 – Friday Report #1

So. NaNoWriMo.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in the position to start a new project in November. This project began as a remark made by Eric. I don’t remember exactly what the remark was, but it was along the lines of “David P. Abbott, the early 20th century Omaha magician, as private investigator.” The idea immediately caught with me. The project is currently tentatively titled One Ahead. I like One Ahead Without Leaving the Parlor, but that’s an entirely too long title and somewhat misleading.  While Abbott was known for only performing magic for his guests in his parlor, he’s obviously going to leave his home to fight corruption, crime, and deception.

I have the general outline of what story I’m going to tell and an idea for the first half-dozen scenes. Writing went well yesterday with a midnight start. I figure I’m going to have three days this month when I’m not going to get much or any writing done*; my daily word goal is 1852. The first third of a book is always the easiest bit, and I’m going to shoot for 2000 words/day for the first week. I did have to stop to do a little research. While I’m going to be a little fast and loose with factual details during this draft, I want to be in the ballpark. Subject of research? Restaurants and lunch counters in 1900 Omaha.

Nothing done yet today. Last night was league. Mike’s Hard Lemonades go down easy. It was an “early” night for me. This morning was spent setting up league finals stuff and answering emails. After lunch, it’s back to the word mines.

*Those being league finals on the 10th, Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving which will probably be spent with Arizona family.