This post brought to you by the letter F

Where am I?Pas de Chat: We're on chapter 43. Not much left. "Reviews" of Q's Legacy and Doomsday Book over at Reading Notes.Free & LegalIn a fit of pique, I canceled Netflix instant on Tuesday. As soon as I did, I remembered that all the Star Treks were coming to Instant View. Oh well. By Thursday … Continue reading This post brought to you by the letter F

Anecdote: DVD Subscriptions

Netflix 4Q Profit Up 45 Percent - It doesn't hurt that Blockbuster has pretty much dropped the ball with their online service. I'm a Netflix re-convert. I joined them back in December of 2005, dropped them in February of the next year when the throttling got to be too much and joined Blockbuster Online. … Continue reading Anecdote: DVD Subscriptions

It's D-day for NetFlix. Has my DVD reached them? Have they given me an seven days as they said they would over the weekend? These things are unknown to me because my account look-up reflects neither. They did give me an unasked for credit for the upgrade I made shortly before I canceled. Went to … Continue reading

Still with the NetFlix stress. I've had no reply to the note I sent them Tuesday. I suspect I will get a DVD in the mail tomorrow. My mail has been arriving early the last few days so maybe I can get it back into the mail before 3:30 pick-up. Now with the router stress. … Continue reading

Netflix pt. 2: I was notified this afternoon that the movie that was listed as "Shipping" last night when I canceled, with no "arriving by" date attached to it, will arrive Friday, Feb. 10th. Which is a very long turn around time. Of course, "Please return by 02/13/2006 to prevent your credit card from being … Continue reading

So we've canceled Netflix. The delay between discs was getting longer. It seems I fall under this area of their TOS: "In determining priority for shipping and inventory allocation, we give priority to those members who receive the fewest DVDs through our service. As a result, those subscribers who receive the most movies may experience … Continue reading

Oh, and another newish movie we 'rented' from NetFlix that I haven't mentioned: The Brother's Grimm. I liked it in the way that I like Sleepy Hallow. It's cool looking, it has actors I like, it's a genre I like, but in the end it wasn't a great movie. There was just too much stuff … Continue reading