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Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose via NetFlix tonight. I expected it to be a bit more ambiguous than it was. The music was obtrusive. But the girl that played Emily was interesting.

Working on Gaent’s ‘relationship.’ Yug.

I was just thinking last night about how silly it would be to have an ice skating version of Dancing with the Stars. Well, England’s already done it and Fox is launching theirs tomorrow. I forget that we have the English to blame for most reality TV, but somehow it seems more palatable when the English do it. If I think to watch, I might compare.

In the land of NetFlix, we’ve been watching Deadwood. We’re unhappily nearly through the first season and season two isn’t out on DVD yet. (Is season two even finished yet?) Gritty Western goodness. And I like NetFlix being our replacement for Blockbuster *and* cable TV. With the minimum plan, we watch a disc of episodes and a movie each week.

Working. Reading, tweeking, fixing small problems like tables that suddenly appear. Still haven’t worked in any weather and I wonder if that’s actually important.

Yesterday: Had a very down day and didn’t feel like communicating with the outside world. Doing only slightly better today.

Writing: Two cards yesterday, and much talk about religion in the world. Nothing yet today. I’m mulling for the most part.

Exercise: Nothing yesterday, trip to Target today.

Food: Yogurt and granola bar, french bread pizza, probably some nuts, and linguine thing yesterday. Today, peanut butter and marmalade on crackers, yogurt and granola bar, & nuts so far.

Other: I got out of bed yesterday, does that count? Today, aforementioned trip to Target, laundry, filing, dusting.

Fun: EQ yesterday, general goofing off today. Watched Moon over Parador. I had never seen it though Eric had fond memories of it. It was pretty funny in parts, started very slow.

And so completes the first round of Netflix movies. Today I received Disc 1 of Highlander Season 1. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the Highlander series. Lacking better cable, I haven’t even seen them in rerun. On the way is my honeymoon, Gladiator.

Writing: 1 card down, 1 finished and quickly resurrected to be finished again later, eradicated all the unnecessary ‘never’ from the ms. That all sounds like more than it was.

Exercise: Wednesday disc. Good stuff. Four on four. I was particularly happy with an inside-out forehand to Brian. It was level and leading.

Food: Yogurt, granola bar, sardines on Triskets, nuts, *cough*chocolate*cough*, a #2 from Guerrero’s. Thinking about experimenting with hot coffee drinks and creme de cocoa.

Other: Got the bills done. Did dishes and generally tidied.

Fun: Some Neopets. Watched Onegin in the background this afternoon. It was pretty in some parts, but lacked pathos. And perhaps that’s more due to my love of the novel and my associations with it. Makes me want to read it, though I swore off rereads for this year.

Which reminds me… The other day someone asked about “comfort” reading. And I can’t remember whom. (Grrr…bad addled brain!) Anyway, comfort reading are those books you read over and over again for whatever reason. So the questions were ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’ Here’s my list:

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. Beagle has a beautiful, enviable way with words. The unexpected turn-of-the-phrase is always just around the corner. And, as faerie tales go, the characters are bittersweet and people I’d certainly want to travel with.

Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney. I read a terrible translation in college and was mesmerized by the ship-sailing rhythm of this one. Sure, the who did this and that, gets a little old, but what other story is ballsy enough for it’s first sentence to be “So.” ?

Anything by Helene Hanff, but especially 84, Charing Cross Road and Underfoot in Show Business. I saw the movie version of 84, Charing in high school when I was going out of my way to see anything Anthony Hopkins. And so I found Hanff: a booklover, a writer who is never quite what she thought she’d be. I really wish I could have met her.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Yes, I know, horror as a comfort read. But it’s so well written though in a slightly obtuse manner that makes you think about certain sentences later on. And hell, can anyone’s life be as bad as Elanor’s? That alone is a comfort.

So now I think I will try to get some 2005 reading done. The Marquise de Merteuil has just declaired war on Vicomte de Valmont. The end is near.


Writing: I started out with 22 notecards. I cleared four. This morning I have 21 cards left. That’s what hours of talking with Eric about a book gets me.

Exercise: *cough*

Food: Oatmeal, french bread pizza, *cough*chocolate*cough*, turkey TV dinner with cranberry vodka drink, half a roll with some provolone.

Other: *cough*

Fun: Bit of this, bit of that. Two of the first three movies in my queue arrived from Netflix. We watched Episode III during dinner so now Eric has seen it too. There were was much talking to the screen and we’ve both decided that Mr. Lucas has been ruined by being able to do whatever he wants.

So, to sum up: 21 cards. The apartment is still a mess. Filing and bill-paying still needs to be done. I should go to Target after disc, and shave my legs before disc.