Review ~ On the River, Down Where They Found Willy Brown

On the River, Down Where They Found Willy Brown by Theodore Wheeler The story of an immigrant boy who's caught up in a race riot and lynching, based on events surrounding the Omaha Race Riot of 1919. While trying to find a safe place in the world after being exiled from his home during World … Continue reading Review ~ On the River, Down Where They Found Willy Brown

Review ~ River City Empire

River City Empire: Tom Dennison's Omaha by Orville D. Menard More than any other political boss of the early twentieth century, Thomas Dennison, “the Rogue who ruled Omaha,” was a master of the devious. Unlike his contemporaries outside the Midwest, he took no political office and was never convicted of a crime during his thirty-year … Continue reading Review ~ River City Empire

Friday Round Up; Of Health

Time for my Friday round up:Where was I this week?Guest post over at A Round of Words in 80 Days: What Richard Simmons Taught Me About Being a WriterPas de Chat, Ch.44, pt. 1. I really need to update the index...Over at Reading Notes, I muse on the nature of Dennis Lehane's books and note a … Continue reading Friday Round Up; Of Health

30 Days of Writing: Day 18 (& Life)

18. Favorite antagonist and why!Alcander of Model Species. The tricky thing here is that I can't really get into why I like Alcander without being spoilery. Alcander is smart. He acts deliberately in his own best interest. He is not a mustache-twisting black-hat-wearing baddie. There are shades of gray to what he does. And...yeah, I … Continue reading 30 Days of Writing: Day 18 (& Life)

Oma(ha) Update

So, on Tuesday night after talking to heart surgeon #2 (opinion #4), it was decided that Oma would go home on medications sans any procedure. On Wednesday morning, her main cardiologist came in announcing that it was time to go put in some stents. My mom was called and all hell broke loose. The cardiologist, … Continue reading Oma(ha) Update

Abruptly in Omaha

My mom called me Saturday morning to tell me that Oma was in the hospital. Congestive heart failure with renal complications. She had been having trouble breathing during the last couple of days, especially when sleeping, and actually asked to be taken to the doctor on Friday. (Our family is notoriously doctor adverse. Grandpa was liters … Continue reading Abruptly in Omaha


Thursday was a good day. Met up with Amy and Karen. I hadn't seen them in *ages*. It was great catching up if only for a brief lunch. We'll definitely have to do it again next year.Came home to find, through the magic of Facebook, that Kris Stamp (the hard-working proprietor of Publishing) had … Continue reading Rosebuds